Unique Dallas Attractions Every Homeschooling Family Must See

Unique Dallas Attractions Every Homeschooling Family Must See

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Homeschoolers love Dallas! Not only is Texas one of the most homeschool-friendly states in the nation, but in just the DFW metroplex alone there is an abundance of homeschool groups, enrichment programs, and fun educational opportunities for homeschoolers of all ages.

I could name over 50 places in the Dallas metroplex that would be great for homeschoolers to visit. However, these places are the same ones you see listed in every other blog on the internet and the same ones that are in every other big city in the country. But if you know us, we like to make things interesting.

While we RV full-time and roadschool our kids, we still have our home base in the Dallas area until our house sells. We just recently returned between RV road trips, and I thought it would be a great time to showcase some of the places us local homeschoolers love. Keep reading to find out what made our list of the most unique attractions in Dallas every homeschooling family must see.

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If you’re like me, I am always on the hunt for activities and attractions that not only stimulate my kids’ minds but that tickle their senses as well. It’s much easier to keep them engaged when the learning takes place outside of the home or classroom environment in a space that’s fun and out of the norm. Here are the 5 places that made our list of the most unique Dallas attractions every homeschooling family must see.

Klyde Warren Park

Just where would you find a park built over a freeway? Only in Dallas, of course.

Klyde Warren Park is a 5.2-acre deck park located in downtown Dallas that has activities on a daily basis. Head out to the Great Lawn for Imagination Playground where the kids can be creative with larger than life building blocks. Check out the children’s park for a bit of physical activity. Pick up a magazine or game from the reading and game room or attend one of their many art workshops. Or relax and take in some poetry reading at Poetry in the Park.

The park is free to the public and is open daily from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Camp Tonkawa Outdoor Learning Center, Inc.

While we have not been to Camp Tonkawa, people in one of our homeschooling groups can’t say enough good things about it.

Camp Tonkawa was founded by a family of homeschoolers, so they always have educational field trips available for homeschoolers. Check their calendar for activities such as learning about Texas wildlife, Native American Indians, survival skills, and more!

Camp Tonkawa is located in Collinsville, TX, just an hour north of Dallas.

Local Dairy Farms

We love our farmers!

Get a group together and head out for a day on the farm. Pet the animals, tour their land and facilities, learn how they plant their crops, and see how they run their market. You might even get the chance to feed and/or milk a cow!

By far our favorite time to visit our local farm is during strawberry season. We pick about 20-30 lbs of strawberries each year and take them home to wash and freeze so we can use them in smoothies throughout the year.


Who doesn’t like the beauty of tulips?

If you’re looking for a colorful homeschool activity during the months of February and March, venture about an hour north of Dallas to Texas-Tulips. Located in Pilot Point, TX, this U-pick tulip field is a great way to spend a nice afternoon and get some amazing photos of your kids.

The owners of Texas-Tulips moved here from Holland where they specialized in tulip bulb production. Entrance to the field is $5/person and if you want to take tulips home with you, you can do so for $2.50/stem. The tulip season runs from mid-February through early April.


**Candytopia is no longer on display in Dallas, but catch it in other cities around the U.S.**

Unique Dallas Homeschooling Attraction at Candytopia
While Candytopia provided us with media passes to their attraction for review purposes, all opinions below are our own based on our experience.

“Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination!”

If your kids haven’t seen the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, be sure to show it to them before hitting Candytopia. It’s an amazing pop-up art gallery that just opened in Dallas. From a marshmallow pit to confetti farting pigs, it’s an attraction you don’t want to miss.

Take a morning or afternoon to admire the different colors and candies that were used in each piece of artwork. Older kids should be able to identify some famous pieces of art throughout the gallery, and younger kids will recognize the ones that are Dallas inspired. Each room is stocked with an endless supply of candy for the kids to munch on while checking out the amazing art pieces.

Unlike visiting other art galleries, your kids will be smiling from ear to ear while touring this delectable display of world-famous art pieces. Just be prepared for the sugar crash once you get home.

Be sure to visit soon. The deliciousness only lasts until September 2, 2019!

Do you have suggestions for other unique places or activities for homeschoolers in the Dallas area? Let us know by replying below!
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