Travel Tennessee: Overnighting At The Fairgrounds Nashville

Travel Tennessee: Overnighting At The Fairgrounds Nashville

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June. It’s hot in Texas, so we decided to pack up the camper and make our way to Tennessee. Well, actually we have a wedding to attend, but leaving Texas in June just sounded better. In this post, I wanted to take a minute to give you our review of The Fairgrounds Nashville.

We can never guarantee that the kids will travel well or that we will be able to stop exactly where we plan, so on our way to Tennessee we did not make campsite reservations for the first two nights. Our typical overnight plan is to stop in a Cracker Barrel parking lot, so that’s what we did last night. But what are we doing tonight? We are staying one night at The Fairgrounds Nashville.

The Fairgrounds Nashville

With tomorrow being Father’s Day, this is a perfect place to stay. When Brent and I came to Nashville on our anniversary a few years ago, our friend and hairdresser extraordinaire recommended we eat dinner at The Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden. She made a great suggestion because it was absolutely delicious! So guess what Brent’s request is for lunch tomorrow?

There are two RV areas with hook-ups here at The Fairgrounds…at least two that we see. One is a small parking lot to the right when you first come in. The other is just past the first one; around the curve and to the left up a little hill. We are staying at the second location and it’s been fairly quiet. There are only 2 other small RVs here and there are about 4 empty sites between us, so we’re definitely not cramped.

Campsites Fairgrounds Nashville

The Fairgrounds Nashville charges $35/night for use of their full hook-ups sites. To me, this is a little pricey for what you get when there is no major event happening in the area, but it is close to downtown. It is pretty much bare bones glamping with no bathhouses, barrels about every 5-8 sites for trash, and no views. However, when we were directed where to go, we were told that someone would be by to collect the fee. They never came.

Each site is paved and equipped with 30 amp electric located at the back of the site. There are water and sewer hook-ups as well.  However, we did not use the sewer because our hose wouldn’t reach and we didn’t need it for just one night. The first location is fenced in but looks pretty tight for a bigger RV to try to maneuver into. The second location is not fenced, and despite it looking a bit easier to get into, it also proved to be a little challenging to park our 39′ fifth wheel.

Even though there are no amazing views, there is a group of trees behind us. The kids have loved looking out of the living room window and seeing all of the fireflies flying around tonight. And after a warm night boondocking in the Cracker Barrel parking lot, I’m thankful that we have electric to run the A/C. Maybe the kids will get a good night’s sleep…and momma too!

Behind the campsites at the Fairgrounds Nashville

Overall, this is a good spot to pull into for a one night stay. We don’t feel unsafe at all and we have strong cell signal. But if you are planning to stay in the Nashville area for any length of time, I’d recommend looking for a location that better suits your needs.

Is there a campground in or around Nashville that you love? Leave it in the comments so we can check it out the next time we’re in the area.

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