Top 10 Walt Disney World Pet Peeves

Top 10 Walt Disney World Pet Peeves

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Walt Disney World is “The Happiest Place on Earth!” Or is it?

For me, I LOVE it! But just like with any place where there are thousands of people present, things aren’t going to be all sunshine and roses. After a few trips and experiencing the parks time and time again, I started my list of Walt Disney World pet peeves, and now I want to share them with you.

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Disney Pet Peeves

As you know from my post 5 Must-Dos On A Girls Trip To Walt Disney World, we are Disney addicts. We’ve been on multiple family trips to Walt Disney World, a trip with extended family, a mommy and daughters trip, and a mommy and son trip. No matter how many times we go, there are a few things about Walt Disney World that just drive me up the wall, so I thought I’d share with you my top 10 Walt Disney World pet peeves.

Walt Disney World Pet Peeve #10: Space Mountain Closures

Ok, Disney. What gives? Every.single.time we’ve been to the World, Space Mountain has been closed. Now, I’m not saying we’ve never gotten to ride it. I’m just saying every trip, at some point, it has been closed when we wanted to ride it.

Walt Disney World Pet Peeves Space Mountain Closures

This is a complaint I’ve seen in numerous Disney groups too, so I know I’m not the only one peeved about the frequency of this ride being closed. I mean, it’s not like it’s an outdoor rollercoaster that has to shut down due to Florida’s daily 3:00 pm storm. This coaster has some serious issues that need to be addressed.

Walt Disney World Pet Peeve #9: Cast Member Inconsistencies

I completely understand that the Walt Disney World company employs about 200,000 people. But I also understand that to become an employee at the theme parks you undergo very strict training. If the training is so rigorous and strict, you’d think the Cast Members would all be familiar with Disney policies.

Cast Member inconsistencies drive me crazy! I’ve gone to the extreme of screenshotting some of the Disney policies and keeping them in my phone’s photo albums so that I can show them the policy when they are incorrect.

One example is that you can get a rider switch pass if you have a child that “doesn’t want to ride”. It does not specify the AGE of said child and doesn’t REQUIRE that the child has to be under the height restriction for the ride. It plainly states on their policy that you can get a rider switch pass when a guest doesn’t want to ride.

Walt Disney World pet peeve rider switch pass

I have 11-year-olds that still don’t want to ride certain rides, but you can bet that both hubby and I are going to ride those rides. And while we typically put the kids in a safe place to wait while we ride together, there are parents who are not comfortable doing this. I wouldn’t be comfortable doing this if it was our first visit to the World.

Walt Disney World Pet Peeve #8: Getting in Other People’s PhotoPass photos

C’mon people. Have some respect! When PhotoPass photographers have a designated spot for taking photos, stay out of their way. We almost witnessed a full-blown brawl between a PhotoPass photographer and a couple that had complete disrespect for personal space.

One of the most photographed areas in Epcot (especially during Flower & Garden Festival) is right inside the turnstiles. This area has amazing topiary and the famous “golf ball” as the backdrop. There is almost always a PhotoPass photographer at this location to capture fun family pictures like this one:

Photopass photo at Epcot

During our most recent visit, we were standing in line for our turn to get photographed. There was a couple that spent a good 10 minutes trying to get good iPhone shots of each other in this same area. Thing is, they kept moving closer and closer to the area that the PhotoPass photographer was having people stand for photos. When asked nicely numerous times by the photographer as well as families who had patiently been waiting for their turns, they were confronted one last time by the photographer in a not so nice manner. Words were exchanged and we thought fists were about to fly from both parties.

If you want those amazing photos and a PhotoPass photographer is set up there, wait your turn. You don’t have to use the photographer, you can still use your iPhone if that’s what you want to do. Just be polite and wait for that spot like everyone else.

Walt Disney World Pet Peeve #7: Stopping in the Walkways

Ok, so this is not just a pet peeve at the World. It drives me crazy that people will be walking amongst a crowd anywhere and just stop in the middle of the area instead of move over to the side.

Stopping in the middle of the walkway

In case you didn’t realize, it’s courteous to move out of the way of the flow of traffic. Just like when you’re driving down the highway, you move to the shoulder if you need to stop. If you stop in the middle of the road, you’ll likely get run over. And if you talk to my hubby, he’ll tell you I’m like a speeding car walking through Walt Disney World.

So…BEEP! BEEP! Get the heck out of the way!

Walt Disney World Pet Peeve #6: Adults’ Disregard for Children

You all know this scenario. You’ve found the perfect spot in “the Hub” to watch the nighttime castle projection show and fireworks. It’s a spot with a line of tape in front of you, which means that no one can stop and stand in front of you. This tape signifies a WALKway.

Lo and behold, the fireworks start and people think that’s their cue to STOP in the WALKway. They don’t stop in front of YOU, the 5′ 5″ adult, nope. They choose to stop right in front of your 4′ child. Then when you switch places with your child, this person all of a sudden has friends they call over to stand there next to them, in front of your child. And those friends have toddlers that have to be sat on daddy’s shoulders (see the shadow on the lower left of this picture):

people in front of us at fireworks show

Or maybe you get on the monorail or bus and all the seats are taken. It’s been a long hot day and your child is clearly having a meltdown because he/she is so exhausted. Not a single able-bodied adult stands up and asks if your child would like to sit down for the ride to the resort.

Walt Disney World Pet Peeve #5: Standing Directly in Front of the PhotoPass Photos when Exiting the Rides

Some of the more adventurous rides automatically take pictures of you while you’re riding the ride. Then when you get off the ride, there is an area where the ride photos are up on a screen. There’s a place under each screen to touch your Magic Band so that you can access the photos on your My Disney Experience account.

I get it! You need a moment to find your picture so you can scan the correct Mickey head under your picture. Do what you need to do, then move! See pet peeve #7. There’s only a limited time to scan your band before the picture disappears…and I need to scan my band too!

Walt Disney World Pet Peeve #4: Not Moving All the Way to the Back of the Bus

Disney has buses that take you from your resort to each of the parks and Disney Springs. Each bus is equipped with a certain number of seats and overhead handrails. This means the bus can fit that amount of people. When there’s a long line of people waiting outside to board the bus, be courteous and move all the way back.

Not moving all the way to the back of the bus
Photo courtesy of LJ Johnson of Smart Moms Plan Disney

You can be sure that morning and evening buses will be filled to the max. Many of the bus drivers do their best to get people to move to the back of the bus to try to get as many people on as possible, but there are always those people who choose not to budge. This creates a traffic jam. People don’t need to try to maneuver around you when you could easily slide back to the furthest available handrail or seat.

Walt Disney World Pet Peeve #3: Not Giving Up Your Seat on the Bus

Refer back to pet peeve #6. Not only have I seen adults completely ignore children who are standing, but I’ve also seen people ignore pregnant women and seniors. Have we completely lost respect as a society?

You don’t want to hear a toddler scream all the way to your resort? Give up your seat so they and/or their momma (who’s most likely holding them) can sit down and relax. It’ll make everyone a bit happier.

Walt Disney World Pet Peeve #1: Disney technology

Yes, you read that right! I skipped #2. Actually, this one is a tie for my #1 pet peeve.

If you’ve been on the Disney website at any point in time, you’ve probably seen the dreaded “Stitch” page. You’ll encounter it on package release mornings, when you’re trying to schedule a dining reservation, when you’re trying to schedule FastPass+ reservations, and any time that there’s absolutely no reason why the system would be bogged down.

stitch ate the page

But you can call in, right? Sure! Only to be told that the system is down.

Maybe you’re in the park and you need to find out what your next FastPass+ reservation is. You open the app, but it doesn’t work. (Always have a backup of your reservations.)

That’s Disney technology for you!

Walt Disney World Pet Peeve #1: Not Following Instructions at Rides and Shows

Maybe I should list this as #1 by itself. I get so irritated every time I even think about it.

Anytime you enter a show at Walt Disney World, not only do the Cast Members tell you to proceed all the way to the end of the row, but there’s usually a recorded message over the speakers that says the same thing.

It never fails that we pick the row where a family of 8 or more has decided that they are special and get to sit down right in the middle of the row. This leaves the rest of us to CLIMB OVER them. Could we just sit down instead of climbing over them? Yes. But there are usually lots of other people coming up behind us wanting to sit in the same row which means we need to move down.

Don’t be like this kid and leave all of those empty seats further down the row:

Not moving all the way to the end of the row

I think everyone learns as a young child to follow instructions. Why is it that some people think they don’t have to follow instructions at Walt Disney World?

There you have it. My list of top 10 Walt Disney World pet peeves. What would you add to this list? Leave a reply and let me know I’m not alone.

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  • I share most of these pet peeves, but I have to stop at giving up my seat to a kiddo. If your kiddo is in itter meltdown because it’s been a long, hot day… maybe you needed to head off this problem by splitting up the day. Don’t get me wrong, we all have our moments but no. And I would never allow my kiddo to take a seat from an adult unless he was injured or ill.

    I do, however, expect him and anyone in our family to give seniors, disabled, ill/injured a seat!

    Also, why do people think it is okay to make their own line? You can see the line, just get back there and wait or walk away. Awaaaaaay. :0D

  • We definitely have similar pet peeves at Disney Parks! Funny enough, in Disneyland (California), Space Mountain also closes almost every time I go! I’m actually surprised if it stays open the entire day.

    • Ha ha! That’s funny Dominique. I just don’t get it. No idea why that ride is always closed. We hope to get to DisneyLAND soon.

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