The Makings Of Our American Dream

The Makings Of Our American Dream

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So we get asked, “what made you decide to do this?” We’re crazy! Didn’t you get that from the first few blog posts?

Actually, we’ve been camping with Brent’s family for a few years now. We didn’t have our own camper, so we would stay in their camper with them. Brent and I would sleep on the living room couch bed and the kids would sleep in the bunk room (two beds…three children). The kids complained about being crowded at night and I complained about how awful the couch bed was. Brent just used those opportunities to hint that we needed to get our own camper.

Those hints eventually made their way into discussions at home. So I devised a plan (or maybe he let me think I devised a plan). Disney World has a campground. I said I would let him buy a camper if he promised to take me camping at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. So I booked a vacation and he bought a camper. WIN!!!

As we made camping trips over that next year in our own camper, we found that we really enjoyed our adventures. We’ve gone hiking, bicycling, stargazing, fishing, and swimming. We’ve explored historic buildings, and the kids have enjoyed meeting new friends at the campgrounds where we stay. And then Brent started dropping hints that we should travel around the country full-time in our camper.

No! Nope! No thanks! Not this girl! I’ve worked my butt off for 10+ years and built a chiropractic practice that I truly love. There’s no way I’m leaving it now.

Then the Disney World trip happened. We traveled to Florida for an almost 3 week vacation in our camper. The first portion was spent in Sarasota while I attended a chiropractic conference. Then we hit Disney World for a week where I decided I could just camp there for the rest of my life. We finished off the trip in St. Augustine, and I think this is what really broke me.

If you’ve never been to St. Augustine, you MUST go! The beach was fabulous, but the history…I don’t think we even made a dent in the history of this city. We visited the Castillo de San Marcos fort where our kids earned their junior ranger badges. I was pretty much done looking around after about 2 hours, but the kids were begging to stay so they could finish up the little junior ranger book that was filled with information and activities relating to the fort. Yay for education on vacation! There was still so much more to learn about this city, but we just didn’t have the time to take it all in.

After we got back home, Brent continued to say that we could have those experiences all the time if we lived/traveled in our RV full-time. The more I thought about it, the more I realized how awesome of an adventure this would be for our family.

We want to explore. We want to learn about the great country we live in. We want to see national parks and monuments and learn about historical events and where they took place. We want to visit museums and tall buildings and waterfalls and canyons. We want to swim in the oceans and lakes and learn about the creatures that live in them. We want to hike thru the forests and up mountains. We want to visit all 50 states (yes, I realize we can’t get to Hawaii in our camper). We want to spend more time together and less time maintaining the yard, fixing broken things in the house, and telling our kids “not right now.” We know living in the RV won’t be completely void of those things, but we don’t expect those things to take up the majority of our time like they do now.

Brent and I are in a position both physically and financially to be able to make this a reality, so why not go for it? Because society says we’re already living the American Dream with good jobs, great incomes, a big house, fancy cars, and 2.5 kids? Because it’s not what normal people do? Normal is so overrated and so not us! We want to live, think, and do differently.

Are you living your American Dream? Let us know!

  • What great memories you are making with your children. They will be able to look back with fondness of their childhood. Thank you for sharing!

  • We have considered doing this exact thing ! Though we probably would only do it for a year. Or stay in a trailer while building a house in Montana. So exciting!!

    • Do it! There are so many families out on the road.

      Many people also do just what you are talking about. They live in one on land where they are building a house.

  • So cool! Go for it! What an adventure.. We hope to own a RV one day.. I don’t know about living in it full time but many many road trips/ camping trips.

  • What a beautiful adventure! I’d like this lifestyle for a short period of time once or twice a year rather than full time because of the kids (plus I can’t afford it!) but it sounds so much fun! St. Augustine is beautiful!

    • So many families do this. It’s such an awesome educational experience for kids. But I can understand people wanting to do it after the kids leave the nest too.

      Yes, St. Augustine is still calling my name. I can’t decide if I’m more ready to go back there or to Tennessee.

  • This is so exciting and so inspiring! F**k being normal, it’s WAY overrated! Best of luck on your journey, cherish every moment!

  • This is awesome! We love camping as a family, only we are living the “Canadian Dream” ha ha

  • yes! Normal is soooooo overrated! I love reading about your adventures. Keep it up sister!

  • Hm, your post has me wanting to visit St. Augustine! What a unique lifestyle and learning experience for your kids! My husband would love it if we got one and did this!

  • I would love to do this too! People called me crazy when I packed up and went halfway across the world to live in a new country for 3 years. Then they were jealous while I was gone lol. Screw what society says and have a good life!

  • Elizabeth Miller Sliwa February 11, 2018 at 3:25 am

    What amazing adventures you’ll have. Bon Voyage!

  • We actually have some friends that live in their camper. When they paid it off, they quit their jobs and began exploring the country. They wanted to see the country and not be limited by corporate america. This is their American dream and they are extremely happy.

  • Hi Kristi! So jealous! I would love to be able to do what y’all are doing! Way to go. I have never been to St. Augustine so, I better put it on my list, looks beautiful. We are living our American Dream. We are homeschoolers too. I have 5 children. Left corporate America 8 years ago to stay home with them. We gave up our huge home in the burbs and bought a ranch on 5 acres and we have 16 chickens now, dogs and cats and maybe a horse soon. People think we are kind of crazy too. Gonna subscribe so I can follow your adventures.

  • Great post! Would love to have a camper someday! and boy those photos are beautiful!

  • We would camp all summer in our trailer and use it as a hub to travel and see what was around. It’s the BEST!

  • I have been daydreaming about this for a few years! My plan is to start out with a trip out west and hope that my family loves it as much as I know I will! You are living the dream. And “normal” is so limiting and boring. 🙂

  • I love that you are doing this. I can’t wait to see all the trips you will go on!

  • Wow this sounds like such an amazing lifestyle! How unique! I would love to visit all of the states!

  • Fishing, stargazing and camping with an RV seems right up out alley. We just bought a cargo van so that will have to do. Great family trip idea.

  • I absolutely LOVE your view on life. I also believe that it is so important to explore, and see the beautiful world that we live in. Enjoy your adventures! 🙂

  • So glad you got to see the fort! It’s the best place to visit in St. Augustine. 🙂

  • We often consider doing this in our motorhome. How do you handle schooling and the children? This has been a struggle for us.

    • We already homeschool, so no change there. The boy didn’t care that we are doing this. The girls on the other hand, that’s a whole blog post for another time. 🙂

  • St Augustine is amazing; it would break anybody 🙂 my kids talk about our short visit to St Aug more than they do the longer time we spent at Disney. Can’t wait to read more about your travels!

  • This would be a lot of fun! I’d love to have an RV and travel around fulltime. Good plan to renting one for a weekend, I didn’t know that was possible.

    • Yeah, lots of people are renting them before they decide if they want to live in one full-time, or even before they decide if they want to buy one for recreation.

  • Well you are two smart professionals who sound like you have made good decisions so far. So if the finances work, this will be an outstanding experience – like sailing around the world with your family. Jobs will always be there.

  • This is great! I’ve often wondered how it would be to live the RV life. I am also living outside of the norm. I knew I wanted to travel to Europe with my daughter so I got a job teaching English in Spain!

    Live your life!

  • I love this! I wonder if I could convince my hubby… gotta get enough money to purchase one first though.

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