Travel Tennessee: T.O. Fuller State Park

Travel Tennessee: T.O. Fuller State Park

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Think you can’t find a good campground in Memphis, TN? Think again. The T.O. Fuller State Park is a quiet and peaceful location to set up camp that’s not far from all of the tourist hot spots in Memphis. If you’re looking for one night or one week, this campground is one you should consider.

After a couple of days at a few amazing campgrounds in the Smoky Mountains, we had to start making our way back to Texas. Brent works for a company located in Memphis, so we decided to stop here and stay at T.O. Fuller State Park for a few days so he can go into the office.

T.O. Fuller State Park: Location

This campground is located southwest of downtown Memphis and just 10 minutes due west of Graceland. While not located in the nicest looking area of town, we have felt completely safe since arriving here.

Tennessee State Parks have some great campgrounds for RVing. If you're heading to Memphis, you might consider staying at T.O. Fuller State Park. Check out our family's review of the park and campground. #Tennessee #Camping #RVing #Chucalissa #WayBeyondTheNorm

T.O. Fuller State Park: Fees and Campsites

This campground has 45 RV campsites some with a maximum length of 85′. Most of the campsites are paved and have both 50 and 30-amp electric as well as water hookups. Each site also has a fire ring, picnic table, and grill. A dumping station is located at the entrance to the campground.

We definitely feel like there is enough space between the RVs. It’s possible we feel this way because we are only one of a handful of people staying here. I hear there’s a pretty stinky smell in this campground much of the time which may be why there are not many people staying here despite it being prime camping season. I will say that we have only smelled something out of the ordinary for a couple of hours one morning. And the smell was only outside; not strong enough to linger into the camper.

The tree cover in this campground is great and it provides tons of shade. The first picture below is a picture of campsite #18 where we stayed, and then I’ve included a few pictures of the other campsites in the state park.

Our campsite at T.O. Fuller State Park
Other campsites at T.O. Fuller State Park
Another campsite at T.O. Fuller State Park
Handicap campsite at T.O. Fuller State Park

For those that want to know about cell/internet reception, we have had no problem getting signal. Both AT&T and Verizon signals are good. Not strong, but acceptable.

T.O. Fuller State Park: Bathhouse

The bathhouse here is very much run down and could use a good remodeling job. But despite it looking dated, it is clean, has showers with great water temperature and pressure, has minimal bugs, and does not have the automatic shut off feature in the showers. The shower stalls also have heavy locking doors with separate showering and dressing areas.


Around the corner from the bathhouse is the laundry room. While I didn’t check out the insides of the washers and dryers to see how well kept they are (or aren’t), many people appear to be utilizing this amenity. At only $1 per load, I can appreciate their eagerness to do so. The laundry room has 2 washers, 2 dryers, a counter, sink, and ice machine. Ice is free!

Laundry Room
Ice Machine

T.O. Fuller State Park: Things To Do

If you have kids, I’d recommend choosing a campsite on the inside of the large loop. This makes for easy access to the playground. Peyton has loved having the playground right behind our camper, and I have loved knowing that I can do things inside and still keep my eyes on him while he has fun.


This state park also has three hiking trails: the 1-mile Wildlife Trail, the almost 2-mile Pond Trail, and the 3-mile Discovery Trail. The Discovery Trail is the one closest to the campground. We haven’t had enough time to check out these trails, but with all of the rain lately, I’m sure there would be quite a few mud puddles along the routes. Not to mention the mosquitos are out like crazy right now. It’s probably best for my sanity that we don’t attempt these trails on this trip.

There is also a swimming pool located outside of the campground area. We haven’t been able to check the pool out because it has been closed while we’re here, but it would be another fun activity for kids. Campers get 1/2 price admission into the swimming pool.

Want to learn about the American Indians that lived in this area 500-1000 years ago? The University of Memphis operates the C.H. Nash Museum at Chucalissa located within the state park. Museum entry may be free if the camp host has complimentary tickets at the time.

Kids will have a blast visiting this museum. Mine did!

We started our visit by heading into the theater to watch a short video about the Chucalissa archeological site. You can also watch the same video on the University of Memphis website before you go. This room also housed an area with instruments of all types that children are allowed to touch and play.

Instruments at Chucalissa
Playing the drums at Chucalissa
Playing the instruments at Chucalissa

Next, we participated in a scavenger hunt. We were given laminated cards with questions about the life of the American Indians here. We learned about their pottery, how they dress, their village, and more. A perfect history lesson!

Indian dress
Small replica of the Indian mud house

The highlight of our visit was all of the hands-on activities that were available. We matched rocks to their types, touched animal skins, fur, and bones, and painted a wooden snake. Then we were escorted outside to take part in spear throwing. Finally, we were allowed to walk up one of the mounds which highlighted a replica mud house that we got to go inside.

Hands on activities at Chucalissa

There’s not a lack of activities at the T.O. Fuller State Park. We’ve had fun in the short amount of time that we’ve been here.

While this campground isn’t one that would be on our list to frequent time and time again, we would definitely consider a repeat stay if we visit the area again in the future. If you’re wanting to come camping in Memphis, this state park should be on your list to check out.

Have you stayed at T.O. Fuller State Park? What were your thoughts? If you were able to hike and go swimming, we’d love to hear your review in the comment section below.

  • $1 for a load of laundry?? Wow! We’re paying $2.50 for a small load in California; our state park doesn’t have any w/d accommodations here. Enjoy!

    • I know! Most places we’ve seen charge $2.50 or $3 per load. I was kind of sad that I had just done laundry at Duvall in the Smokies right before we got to T.O. Fuller State Park. I’ve never known a state park to have a laundry facility either.

  • OOOO, this is very cool! We’ll have to check it out!

    • I don’t know if I just don’t have very high expectations, but our time there was just fine. I don’t know why so many people give it a bad review.

  • This place looks like a decent few nights stay. I am terribly curious about this mystery smell. How weird does that make me?

    • Ha! Ha! I’ve read a bunch of different theories about the mystery smell at T.O. Fuller State Park. But like I said, I didn’t really notice it except for a couple of hours one morning during our stay. And it wasn’t even bad enough to linger into the camper. So I don’t know. If you ever happen to find out, let me know. =)

  • Finding a great camping spot is important. It is even better when it has those added amenities.

  • I lived in an RV for five consecutive summers, so I can appreciate a good campground. It looks like T.O. Fuller is a great place!

  • Were there many other campers there? It looks so peaceful!

  • Looks like a great place to stay for sure!!

  • I enjoy seeing parks from other states. We’ve only camped in California parks so it’s nice to see pics from around the country. I like that they had so many activities for the kids.

  • Looks like a lovely place to stay. And I love all the hands on activities! What fun.

  • I love all of the experiences your travel gives to your children! So much fun and so memories they are making!

    • Yes! I can’t wait to see their faces when we finally get out there to visit some really iconic places. Ones that many people will only ever read about in a book or see pictures online.

  • This looks like a great area to hang out for a few days! I’ve been to Memphis, but I do think it’d be nice (and very doable) to stay out away from the touristy areas. You can still visit when you want. 🙂

    • Absolutely! My hubby took an Uber into work one day and the local gal that picked him up didn’t even realize this campground was there. And it’s not even very far away from downtown.

  • We are always looking for great camping sites and this one seems to be wonderful. Tennessee is definitely a road trip destination for us and since we tend to travel with dog in tow, this would be a perfect place to set up camp. Great suggestions of things to do.

    • I’ve heard so many bad things about it, but we found it to be just fine. Enjoyed our time there. It’s well hidden and very quiet.

  • Looks like a fun place to stay! Love the museum – that looks very interesting.

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