600 500 Kristi Corder

After a crazy couple of months, our new home has finally arrived in Texas! Our old RV sold one week prior to us heading up to Michigan for the walk through. We had a birthday party for our son who turned 7 years old the Saturday that Brent and I left for Michigan. We had the walk through on Monday, repairs on Tuesday, interior protection stuff done on Wednesday, camped at a nearby campground and continued testing things out on Thursday and Friday, then we drove to Detroit on Saturday so I could fly home. Brent drove the RV down to Indiana on Sunday and camped in it for a few days prior to getting it into the MORryde dealership for some work. He also got new tires put on it to appease me because the brand of tires the factory puts on these RVs is known in the RV Facebook groups as CHINA BOMBS…yikes! And finally, he made a stop in Kansas on the way home to pick up a generator that he found for a really good deal.

But she’s here now! And she’s ready to have our own personal touches added to her. You can see I’ve already added some color to the kitchen. BEAUTIFUL!!!

We’ve even taken our inaugural trip in our new home. It’s been such good weather in Texas this fall that we decided to go camping for Thanksgiving. Brent and his dad checked all over Texas for a place to go, but everything was booked, so we ended up in Oklahoma at Buckhorn campground in Chickasaw National Recreation Area.

This was a really nice campground; a little hard to get into, but nice overall. There were a couple of tight turns on a narrow road that were difficult to maneuver as we arrived. Once we pulled up to our spot, it took Brent about 5 attempts to get backed in. I think he was getting frustrated (maybe with me since I’m not super skilled in the art of air traffic controlling for an RV). But as we sat outside the next few days we realized it wasn’t just us that had difficulties. It seemed like every new camper that showed up needed multiple attempts to back in to their spots. The road was narrow; there were large boulders right where you needed to turn; there were really tall skinny trees on either side of the site. If you didn’t hit one thing you were going to hit another. But with the help of me at the back and his dad at the front, he was finally able to get it backed in.

Now we’re back at home in Texas thinking we’ll have to leave the new RV in storage for the next 3-4 months. This time of year is just going to be super busy for us. We’ve got to make it through Christmas and New Years (and our anniversary); we’ve got to build bunks for the camper (more on that later); we’ve got to purge, purge, purge; and we’ve got to get the house ready to sell. And during all of that, we still have to work, homeschool, and live.

I know I promised a video walk through of our new home. I’ll try to get to that and maybe post a review of the Buckhorn campground as well. But in the meantime, help us name our Gateway! I’m already calling it “her”, so give us your best names for our new girl.

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