September 26 – October 9, 2021 – New Mexico

September 26 – October 9, 2021 – New Mexico

600 500 Kristi Corder

We have been so busy the last couple of weeks that I just decided to include two weeks in this blog post.

Once we left Lubbock on Sunday, we headed to a boondocking spot outside of Albuquerque. We got a great spot right as you enter the area. And yet again, I forgot to take pictures. If you want to find it, it’s listed as Torrance County Park on the Campendium website. We pulled in to the first open area on the left. It was huge and could’ve fit two or three RVs.

The next morning was arrival day at the balloon fiesta RV lot.

Waiting our turn to enter the Fulltime Families lot
The big open lot where they smush all the Fulltime Families RVs in next to each other

We ended up in almost the exact same spot as we were the last two times we went. One of our neighbors was our neighbor the first year we went, and the other neighbors were our friends.

The first day of the rally is always just kind of chill once you arrive while they are parking everyone else. And just for reference, the rally is held the week BEFORE all the balloons start. In the evening they have opening ceremonies for the rally.

Fulltime Families rally opening ceremonies

The rally schedule is jam packed with coffee talks every morning, arts and crafts for the kids every morning, games and outings in the afternoons, potlucks and “campfires” in the evenings, and RV tours and other fun stuff throughout the week. But sometimes we went off and did our own thing.

Hiking with friends
Contemplation Station next to the Rio Grande River on our hike
Newsboys concert

Then on Saturday, Oct 2nd the Balloon Fiesta started along with a few more activities for the Fulltime Families rally. We spend the majority of our time hanging out at the RV this year during the Fiesta. The balloons just come right over and even land near our RV so we thought we wouldn’t wake the kids up super early every morning to walk a mile to get to the field to see balloons. And we’re so glad we didn’t!

All of our RVs are parked right in front of this cemetery

Abi and I were in that field to the left of the cemetery the first day and a balloon landed there. They asked us to hop on the basket to help keep them on the ground until their chase crew got there.

A better view of the RV lot and how close the balloons are as they come over

The opening day of the Fiesta was the last day of our Fulltime Families rally. Earlier in the week the Kids Marketplace was scheduled to be held but the weather was rainy, so they moved it to Saturday afternoon. Abi has been learning a lot about photography and wanted to offer $10 mini-sessions. She got 7 people signed up!

So many goodies being sold by all of these kiddos
Abi’s photography booth

If you want to check out some of Abi’s photography, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram. She’s determined to be a professional photographer by the time she graduates high school and I think she’s got a great head start!

Our second week was filled with balloons, balloons, and more balloons.

Cute little penguin balloon coming right over the tops of the RVs
Abi and I on the roof of the RV watching the balloons come over
Over those trees is where the launch field is and the wind blows the balloons toward us
Sometimes it looks like the balloons are going to hit the trees

When Abi booked her photography mini-sessions, some of the people asked if she could do the photo sessions at the field. So there was one day and evening that we went over to the field for her to do the photo sessions for those families. We ended up walking about 6 miles or more that day.

Morning traffic and balloons glowing
Matchy matchy
Such fun shapes
It wouldn’t be New Mexico without chile peppers
My favorites
We decided to stick around and watch some of the racing balloons
Perfect shot of this balloon by itself as we headed back to the RV
Special Shapes Glowdeo

Compared to our first Fulltime Families Balloon Fiesta rally in 2018, this one was much less stressful. We didn’t plan to be at all the events, we didn’t plan to go back and forth to the field every morning, we just took it easy. And we still had a great time!

Have you ever been to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta? Leave a reply at the bottom of this page and let us know about your experience. We love hearing from you!