Top RV Storage Ideas: Hip to be Square (Part 2)

Top RV Storage Ideas: Hip to be Square (Part 2)

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Storage is a hot topic in the RVing community. Join any RV facebook group and you’re sure to get at least 1 question per day asking for storage ideas. So what are the top RV storage ideas that work for every RV space? There’s no right answer. But I’m here to give you just a few ideas that work for us that all happen to be square.

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In part 1 of this series, I focused on square storage ideas for CDs, DVDs, video games, homeschooling supplies, toys, and games.  Now, let’s talk about RV storage ideas for clothes, shoes, and jewelry.

Storage is a hot topic in the RVing community. Join any RV facebook group and you’re sure to get at least 1 question per day asking for storage ideas. I’m here to give you just a few ideas that work for us that all happen to be square. #RVStorage #RVSpaces #SquareStorage #WayBeyondTheNorm

RV Storage Ideas for Clothes

Closet space in RVs is generally not made for the fulltime family lifestyle. Especially not when there are 3 girls in the house. So we had to get creative in this area, and yet again, think SQUARE.

Storage cubbies

While we don’t currently utilize storage cubbies, I was and still am seriously considering it. These Langria modular cubbies are what I keep going back to time and time again. They are lightweight, SQUARE (and rectangle), and are interchangeable to fit your space.

The downside to storage cubbies? It’s possible that they wouldn’t hold up well with the constant jarring while traveling. And if you put them in a bunkhouse with a slide, you’d have to tear them down and put them somewhere else every time you moved.

Storage baskets

We use lots of storage baskets for our clothes. I love my LulaRoe leggings and these baskets are a perfect way to house them. You might remember them from part 1 of this series. They are a best seller on Amazon for good reason.

I just roll up my leggings, stick them in the basket, and they sit on the shelf in the closet. Any type of clothing can be stored this way. You can get baskets in fabric or plastic varieties and in tons of different colors.

We also use baskets for our dirty laundry. One sits on top of the storage drawers I’ll talk about in the next section for mine and my husband’s clothes and one is in the girls’ room for their clothes. The boy just throws his clothes down from his loft bed, so I usually end up picking them up and putting them in our basket. These make it easy to haul dirty clothes to the laundromat and bring clean ones back to the RV.

The downside to storage baskets? It takes lots of time finding just the right ones to work in your space. Then once you find something you really like, it will break or get worn out, and you won’t be able to find another one like it. Isn’t that always how it works out?

Storage drawers

If you read part 1 of this series, you know my thoughts on Sterilite products. Again, Sterilite is my top pick in this category.

Drawers seem to be much more efficient than hanging clothes in my opinion, and the storage drawers make this super easy to do. In the area prepped for washer and dryer connections in our RV, we decided to use two storage drawer units stacked on top of each other instead of installing a washer and dryer. One unit is just a bit smaller than the other so it nestles in the top of the larger one just perfectly (and you can see our dirty clothes basket on top).

Storage drawers in closet

For the girls’ room, we have pink and green Large Tint Stackable Storage Drawers from The Container Store. They’ve been really great for toy storage in the house, but now we’re using them for clothes storage in their bunk. They are a perfect size for their room and they hold quite a bit, so I count that as a win-win! They’re also very easy to unstack and put on the beds during travel days even with clothes in them.

For the boy’s loft, I got this 2-drawer unit from Target that fits perfectly in the little cubby area in his loft.

Storage drawers in the loft

The downside to storage drawers? You have to either find a way to keep the drawers from opening during travel if you leave them in one spot, or you have to move them each time to prevent them from opening.

There are many other options for organizing clothes in your RV. These are the ones that seem to work the best for us at the present time.

RV Storage Ideas for Shoes

For me, this seems to be the hardest thing to figure out. I’m not as bad as some women, but I do love shoes and I have a daughter who loves hers as well. What are we going to do with all of these shoes?

Storage cubbies/boxes

Storage cubbies or boxes might be a good idea. As a matter of fact, I have spent MANY shopping trips hoping that I could find shoe cubbies like these that would fit in my hall closet. Unfortunately, the hall closet has really weird dimensions and there’s just nothing I have been able to find to fit in it.

I could do the stacking shoe boxes like these, but again, I’m running into problems with finding the right dimensions for our space. What I like about these is they look more sturdy than some of the shoe boxes that are plastic and have a lid. These come in a pack of 6 or 12 and have a door on the front rather than a lid on the top. And who doesn’t love the Prime shipping option?

The downside to storage cubbies or boxes? I’m not sure I see a downside to cubbies except that it might take a good bit of legwork to find the ones you want and work for your space. As I stated above, if you choose shoe boxes you’ll probably be stacking them. If you get the less expensive type that has lids, it will be a pain to have to move them to get to the ones you want.

Storage ottoman

I have heard a lot of RVers say they use a storage ottoman for shoes. Storage ottomans do double duty. They open on the top and allow you to store shoes on the inside. When closed you can use them in the living room as an extra seat or for raising your feet while watching TV. I like this option because 1) who doesn’t need extra seating, and 2) shoes are not visible or in the way.

Click here to see a whole page of storage ottomans that are under $30, have a 4-star or better review on Amazon, and are eligible for Prime shipping.

The downside to a storage ottoman? If you already have a small living space, this just gives you one more item that takes up floor space. Not to mention, with kids you’re bound to find toys mixed in with the shoes.

Storage bins

A storage bin is the storage of choice for us at the moment. I do plan on doing something different, but for now, we have a large Rubbermaid bin in the master bedroom closet filled with shoes. This is neither convenient nor efficient.

Storage bin in the closet

I like everyone to take off their shoes when they come in the RV, and I see from other RVers that they tend to do the same thing. So, the shoes that we are wearing for the day are currently being thrown in the floor of the closet located right inside the front door. This is the area where I wish I could find cubbies that would fit.

Shoes in front closet

If you ever decide to remodel your RV and remove the RV sofa and replace it with a sofa that has some space underneath, these storage bins might be perfect to hold shoes and would slide right under the sofa.

The downside to storage bins? If you use a large bin like we currently have, it takes up a lot of space that you don’t really have in an RV. You also have to dig under other shoes to find the shoes that you want to wear.

Shoe organizer

As much as I really didn’t want to use an over the door shoe organizer, I think this is going to end up being one of the ways I’ll be storing shoes. I love that Ashley over at RV Inspiration has taken it to a different level and suggested cutting it and attaching it to the bottom of the bed. Genius!

There are also shoe organizers that can hang in the closet. This is also on my list as a possible option for our shoes. What I’m running into now is that the closet height is shorter than the length of most of these organizers. I just can’t win in the shoe department.

The downside to shoe organizers? Over the door types are flimsy and may need constant replacing. Should you decide to hang the organizer over the door, be aware that the metal hooks can tear up the tops of the door if they slide around a lot. The closet hanging shoe organizers take up valuable closet space and may be too long for your closet.

For us, shoe organization seems to be the most difficult to figure out. Maybe it’s best to just get rid of all the shoes…well, except the pair or two that we’ll wear all the time. =)

RV Storage Ideas for Jewelry

Every woman needs a bit of bling. Good thing jewelry is small and doesn’t take up much space. But what are the best ways to store it all?

Jewelry boxes

Ah, yes! The good old timeless jewelry box. There are so many varieties to choose from, they’re easy to put in a drawer or on a shelf, and they hold so much.

The downside to jewelry boxes? Some can be bulky, but otherwise, I see no downside.

Jewelry cabinet/armoire

These are amazing! I really love how much jewelry you can get in a jewelry cabinet or armoire. They are big enough to hang necklaces so they stay separated, they contain shelves, drawers, and hooks for all types of jewelry, and they have a full-length mirror on the front of the cabinet. Typically they are hung over a door but can also be mounted on the wall.

This one is the one I’m eyeing. It has a 4.5 STAR RATING on Amazon and is their best seller.

The price is what has caused me to shy away from purchasing one. With the constant jarring during travel, I’d hate to spend that much on a jewelry cabinet and have it fall apart after moving campsites a few times. But I do have the perfect place in the bathroom for it. Maybe I should bite the bullet and grab this one for under $100!

The downside to a jewelry cabinet or armoire? They are large and may get in the way if hung over the bathroom door. They are also pricey.

Storage drawers

Sterilite to the rescue again! I am currently using a medium 3-drawer storage unit under the bathroom sink for storing my jewelry. It doesn’t take up too much space and there’s plenty of room on the top of it to stack towels or extra toilet paper.

The downside to storage drawers? The drawers can wiggle open during travel if not secured against something. Necklaces and bracelets can end up tangled. You can spend an hour just searching for a matching pair of earrings.

There’s no need to worry about getting rid of all of your jewelry though. There are plenty of ways to store it all; more than I can list.

In part 1, I discussed square storage for things like discs, toys, and homeschooling supplies. Now I’ve gone over square storage ideas for clothes, shoes, and jewelry. Stay tuned for part 3 where I end my series talking about square storage ideas for food, health care supplies, and body care products.

What items do you love using to store things in your RV? Have you created your perfect space? Our readers want all the details so share them in the comments below.
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