Carlsbad Caverns sign

Carlsbad Caverns National Park with Kids

600 500 Kristi Corder

Brent and I grew up in southeastern New Mexico not far from Carlsbad Caverns National Park. I guess you could say we took the caverns for granted since we lived so close. Before this trip, our kids had never been…

Movin' Right Along

Movin’ Right Along

600 500 Kristi Corder

Everything seems to be coming along now. We’ve listed the old RV on craigslist, we’ve ordered the new RV, we’ve finished the consignment sale, we’ve made it thru the first garage sale, and we are past the initial stage of…


Year-Round Gift Ideas for RV Families

600 500 Kristi Corder

Are you looking for thoughtful, useful, and amazing gifts for RV families that you know? Let us help you! As a full-time RV family, we constantly get questions from family members regarding gift-giving. “What can I get the kids for…

Cherokee Dam Campground

Travel Tennessee: Cherokee Dam Campground

600 500 Kristi Corder

Tennessee, I think I love you! After an overnight stay at The Fairgrounds Nashville, we set off for Jefferson City, TN for our next campground reservation. We are in awe at the beauty, cleanliness, and serenity found here at the…

June 20-26, 2021 Pennsylvania

600 500 Kristi Corder

What an amazing time living the farm life in Washington, PA…but in our RV! I don’t think any of us really want to leave. We love it here! How can you not love having access to farm-fresh eggs, raw cow…

RV Maintenance: Fix It Yourself Review

600 500 Kristi Corder

RVs aren’t built well. It’s a well-known fact. Just ask anyone in any RV group on any social media platform and they’ll tell you to become an expert (or at least proficient) in RV maintenance if you’re going to own…

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