Our Life Outside The Box

Our Life Outside The Box

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Welcome to our blog! We’re so glad you are here. Those of you that that know us would probably agree that our family is somewhat…crazy different. But that’s why you love us, right? For those that don’t know us, let me give you some background on our family.

We are a family of 5 living in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. We have a big house on an acre lot in one of its quickly growing northern suburbs. We work, we go to school, we tend to the needs of our home, we hang out with friends, and we manage to sneak in some long weekend camping trips a few times a year. We sound pretty normal, right? Let me go on.

Brent is husband, daddy, lawn guy, spider and wasp killer extraordinaire, master builder, cook, hard worker, Dallas Cowboys fan, and our church’s sound/lighting guy. He currently works from home in an “office” that looks like you stepped into Mission Control at NASA.

He built these beds!
He built this playset!
“Mission Control” Who needs all of this?!?

I’m Kristi…wife, mommy, homeschool educator, chiropractor, health consultant, organizer, Disney fanatic, super saver, holistic health nut, and LuLaRoe lover (seriously….give me all the LuLa!!!) I, too, work from home and see patients when I’m not homeschooling the kids. What little time I have left, I seem to spend helping others learn about alternative health options for their families, planning Disney vacations, or shopping for LuLa.

Mommy to 3
Fairest of them all
Lula and adjusting babies

Allison (Ali) is our oldest daughter. She’s a twin born a measly 6 HOURS before her sister. She screamed her way out at 11pm at night. But that was about the extent of her screaming. She’s shy and quiet and doesn’t like to talk to people or have her picture taken. Sometimes we like to call her Violet…you know, from Disney’s The Incredibles. Can you see the resemblance?

That hair over her face
She used to smile for pictures

Abigail (Abi) is our “middle child”. She was born the day after her sister. (I’ll give you a second to go back up and re-read the previous paragraph so you can calculate the time). Yes, twins born on two different days! Abi got comfortable after she kicked her sister out and then just decided to stay in there until 5am. So after 6 hours we had to go in after her. To this day she is still our easy-going, happy little cuddle bug. And many times you will find her carrying around her Mr. Bear.

Mr. Bear
Our happy girl!

Then there’s THE BOY, Peyton. He’s our youngest. I always say God gave me twins the first time around to prepare me for the ONE boy I have. This boy is smart, super funny, and full of energy. He’s known for his random thoughts. Just tonight we were sitting at the table eating dinner when all of a sudden he asked if the Queen of England was alive. How’d that even pop in his head? We like to call him Little Mikey Jr. because he looks and acts just like his uncle Mike.

Such a cutie
Little Mikey Jr. with Uncle Mike

So as you can see, we live a bit outside the box. We work, live, and play all under the same roof. We homeschool. We use chiropractic and homeopathy and nutrition as our primary forms of healthcare. And we’ve decided to really go way beyond the norm and hit the road full-time in our RV. Yep, we’re a special kind of crazy and we can’t wait to share our journey with you!

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