June 6-12, 2021 – Kentucky

June 6-12, 2021 – Kentucky

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We can finally add our Kentucky sticker to our map! Well, we don’t really have a map yet, so we’re adding our imaginary sticker to our imaginary map. One day we’ll get a map and be cool like all the other families that RV full-time, or maybe we’ll create one online somewhere. In order to count states as states we visited, we’ve decided that we all have to sleep in that state at least one night in our RV.

Where we stayed: Diamond Caverns RV Resort
City: Park City, KY (just outside Mammoth Cave National Park)

A view of our RV site at Diamond Caverns RV Resort

This was a fairly nice RV park. We weren’t right on top of our neighbors, the grounds were well maintained, the staff were friendly, it was easy access to Mammoth Cave National Park, and it had full hookups.

I’ll just say that Kentucky was HOT and HUMID while we were there though. The laundry room was just a short distance behind where our truck is parked in this picture, and I about died going from the laundry room back to the RV. They also had a mini-golf course (which the kids loved), and we almost decided to quit by hole 6 because it was so humid out there.

Mini-golf at Diamond Caverns RV Resort

It really was so bad that we didn’t even go to the pool. But we did spend some time in the evenings at Mammoth Cave National Park.

We did NOT get to visit the cave on this trip. They had only recently opened up limited tours into the cave after covid and we didn’t know we had to reserve them weeks ahead of time. So all the tours available while we were there were already sold out. But we enjoyed our evening drives through the park.

Driving the main road through Mammoth Cave National Park
Driving the dirt roads in and around Mammoth Cave National Park
Good Spring Baptist Church

Everything in this park was so green and beautiful. There were tons of old cemeteries and even a church from 1842 that we stopped to take a look at. And with the jeep, Brent HAD to take us down all the one-lane dirt roads. Luckily the park wasn’t busy and we only had one instance where we had another car coming at us down one of the roads.

We had planned to stay in this area until Sunday, June 13th, but we had a friend in Crittenden, KY that invited us to church on Sunday, so we ended up leaving on Saturday.

Most of the time when we leave a small town or area where there’s not the widest variety of grocery stores, we head to the nearest big city to stop for groceries on our way to our next destination. This time that big city was Louisville, KY.

We found a mall to park the RV at for the day while we went to lunch and then exploring. We drove through the University of Louisville, caught a quick glimpse of Churchill Downs Racetrack, and then drove downtown to get a picture at the Louisville Slugger Museum. We got to the museum shortly before 5pm, so we weren’t able to go in and look around before they closed. But Peyton enjoyed taking pictures at the world’s largest bat!

Peyton trying to lift the bat
Peyton posing at the world’s largest bat

The only thing left to do was to pick up some groceries on our way back to pick up the RV. Then it was off to our next moochdocking spot so we could get in before dark.

Moochdocking at church

Shout out to the Gunther Family and Liberty Bible Church in Crittendon, KY for giving us this free place to stay for the night!

Have you stayed at Diamond Caverns RV Resort, been to Mammoth Cave National Park, or visited Louisville, KY? Leave a reply at the bottom of this page and let us know about your experiences!