June 27 – July 7, 2021 – Pennsylvania

June 27 – July 7, 2021 – Pennsylvania

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We decided to stay another week and a half at The Old Road Farm!

My knee was doing better and so we were able to help with more of the chores. We were also able to get some things done around the farm that they just haven’t been able to get to because they weren’t priorities. And we had some learning moments too.

The trees you see lining the driveway of this farm were each year’s Christmas trees that were planted by a previous owner of the farm. They make it such a beautiful drive up to the house.

The Old Road Farm

We got to look around and learn about all the food they’re growing on the farm. Some of the fruit trees and bushes were already here when they moved in, so with little to no work they’ve got some apples, raspberries, and blueberries also.


Allison learned how to make pizza dough.

Allison making pizza dough

And we learned all about how we get chicken from the farm to the table. Such an interesting process!

Chicken plucker machine
Freshly plucked chicken
Tiny little chicken hearts
Such a pretty egg from one of the butchered chickens
Look at all that meat

While our friends were having a late-night butchering session one evening, Abi and I helped with getting their kids fed, showered, and ready for bed. Abi sat and read books to them for about an hour until their parents came inside for the night. They loved it!

Reading before bedtime

The next day we went up to the woods on their property. There’s an old cabin up the hill that a tree fell on top of that they hope to restore one day. Along the path going up into the woods is where the kids did plenty of raspberry and blackberry picking. But I think everyone’s favorite part was walking around in what they call “the vine playground.”

Vine playground

We had originally planned to leave on July 4th and head up to the Niagra Falls area. We were hoping to book a site at one of the three Boondocker’s Welcome sites near Niagra Falls, but none of them were panning out for us. So we decided to book at a local state park for two nights later in the week and just stick around at the farm for a few more days. All the kids were so excited to get to spend July 4th together.

We went out in the field for a bonfire before we did fireworks. While the girls just sat in their chairs, Peyton was more than happy to throw old branches and leaves into the fire.

4th of July bonfire

While everyone in Texas goes big with their fireworks, they don’t echo like they do in the mountains of Pennsylvania. It was so very different from what we’re used to experiencing in Texas and I think the kids loved it. Brent ended up getting the kids a “party pack” of fireworks from a fireworks stand, but also bought 3 of the bigger fireworks that made everyone go oooh ahhh! I think we ended up doing fireworks from around 9:30 pm until almost 1 am.


Our final task on the farm before leaving was helping with brand new baby chicks. The day before we left, they received 300+ more new chicks that had to be counted, separated into their brooders, taught how to drink the water, and supplied with food. The kids couldn’t get enough of the little puffballs.

Allison with a baby chick
Abi with a baby chick
Peyton with a baby chick

We also learned that while you typically order a certain amount of chicks, they usually send you more. Why? Because some just don’t make it the first few days…especially when there are kiddos around who drop them. (No, our kids didn’t drop them).

While we could’ve stayed at the farm forever, there were just so many other places calling our name. It was such a hard decision to leave, but we know we’ll be back.

Next stop, Niagra Falls!

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