June 2021 – Things are a Changin’

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June 2021 – Things are a Changin’

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It’s been a while since I’ve written anything on this blog. There are still so many places we went and things we did during 2019 and 2020 that I never got around to writing blog posts about. Then the end of 2020 kind of hit our family hard.

We ended up being stationary in Lubbock, TX from October 2020 through the end of April 2021. My grandfather had a stroke that sent us back to Lubbock initially, Brent’s dad passed away unexpectedly in November, and then my grandfather (who had the stroke) passed away in late January. The rest of the time until the end of April was spent helping out both sides of the family.

These situations made me realize that travel blogging wasn’t what I wanted to spend my time doing. It was time-consuming making sure you have the right words to say, the right pictures, the right affiliate links, and all the right things for SEO (search engine optimization). I’m done with all of that, so things are going to be changing around here.

I still want to document these travels of ours. I want my kids to have pictures and stories they can look back on when they’re older and share with their kids and grandkids. And I still want to share with those of you who want to know what’s going on in our world. So from here on out, it’s going to look less like a true blog and more like a family travel journal.

One day, I hope I can go back and write about all the things we did and the places we visited in 2019 and 2020. But for now, everything is going to pick up right where we’re at….well just a week or two behind where we ACTUALLY are. I don’t want our exact whereabouts known at the time we are where we are.

I hope you enjoy our stories and will still follow along!

For fun, here’s the most updated family picture of us from Glacier National Park last year. It’s my current favorite!