June 20-26, 2021 – Pennsylvania

June 20-26, 2021 – Pennsylvania

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What an amazing time living the farm life in Washington, PA…but in our RV! I don’t think any of us really want to leave. We love it here!

How can you not love having access to farm-fresh eggs, raw cow milk, fresh cream, buttermilk, fresh-picked fruits and veggies, butter, butter, and more butter, and daily sourdough bread which we can’t get enough of? We are seeing how the ins and outs of running a farm works. The kids are playing with their friends. And the weather has been great most days.

Here are a few pictures of our first Monday through Friday at the farm:

Raw cow’s milk
Freshly made butter and its buttermilk
Abi holding a lamb (photo courtesy of The Old Road Farm)

Saturday, we decided we wanted to head up to Pittsburgh which is only about 45 minutes from Washington, PA. To get into the city, you drive through a tunnel where there are neighborhoods over the top of you. You come out of the tunnel to an amazing view of the city.

Tunnel to Pittsburgh
Driving through the tunnel
The view when you exit the tunnel

First stop…Primanti Bros in the Strip District for lunch. We arrived around noon and we were seated right away. The restaurant is small and pretty cramped. But no sooner than we sat down, the crowds started lining up.

Primanti Bros in the Strip District
Our table

We thought the food was great! All the sandwiches were served Primanti style which means there are french fries and coleslaw INSIDE the sandwich. I’m not too experimental when it comes to my food, so I opted out of the coleslaw and now I regret not getting it.

The fried pickles were dill pickle slices that were fried right up. We’re used to having the slices, so these were interesting.

Fried pickles

Brent ordered the PB Reuben Primanti style.

PB Reuben

I ordered When Pigs Fly with the fries on the sandwich but without the coleslaw. The reason I regret not getting the coleslaw is that it didn’t come with any type of “dressing” like mayo or mustard, etc. So it was sort of missing something. I think the coleslaw would have added a bit of that flavor I was missing.

When Pigs Fly

The girls got chicken tenders.

Chicken tenders

And Peyton opted for the Bacon & Cheese with the fries on the sandwich but without the coleslaw.

Bacon & Cheese

After lunch, we walked the Strip District for a bit. Everywhere we turned there was Steelers merchandise being sold. Brent kept saying we should’ve worn our Dallas Cowboys attire that day.

The Strip District is basically a bunch of restaurants, street vendors, shops, and grocery stores to visit along with some murals and interesting architecture to see. Not much more than that.

Such a pretty church building
Just a fun place to snap a picture
His silliness couldn’t have been more perfectly timed

Once we got back in the Jeep, we decided to drive around downtown for a bit. Brent and Abi wanted to make sure we got up close and personal with the football stadium.

Heinz Field

Me? I wanted to stop in at Point State Park to check out the water fountain.

Point State Park fountain
Close up of the fountain
Brent and I at the fountain
Kids at the fountain

Can you tell that it was HOT?!? Wow, we are not used to all the humidity. It was fun walking through this area though. Juneteenth was going on so there were vendors and music all around the park. There were boaters on the rivers. You could see the football stadium on one side and the incline trolley on the other side. The grass and trees in the park were so green. Just a fabulous area to visit!

Next, we decided to check out some of the city parks. I don’t have pictures, but one great park that has a nice loop drive and lots of hiking is Riverview Park. If we had more time, we might have stopped for a hike. Tons of trees, lots of shade, and just beautiful.

The other park we went to was the famous Frick Park, aka Blue Slide Park. While I don’t have a picture of the “Blue Slide”, I do have a video. Maybe one day I’ll get a video put together of our day in Pittsburgh…or get Brent or one of the kids to put it together and then add it to this post. For now, here are some pictures from Frick Park.

Frick Park playground
Another area of the park
Walkway to the famous Blue Slide

If you’re going to head to Frick Park to check out the famous Blue Slide, look to the right when you get to the playground. You’ll see these large concrete drainage tubes that have been beautifully painted on the inside. Follow the pathway through the tubes, go around the corner, and the slide will be in front of you. You can’t miss it.

If you’ve followed our adventures for any amount of time, you know that we always search for the best ice cream places wherever we go. From all I had read and the people I had talked to, there were many favorites in the Pittsburgh area. Since we were spending most of our day downtown, we decided to stop in at Klavon’s Ice Cream Parlor.

Stay-n-cool at Klavon’s

While most of downtown requires you to pay for parking, we were able to snag one of the few free parking spots located at the ice cream parlor. I love the murals they had painted on the wall of the building in front of our parking spot. They were perfect for pictures!

Parking lot at Klavon’s
So cute
Old fashioned soda fountain
Wish I could eat ice cream that big
He’d love to have all those gumballs

This place was AMAZING! Such a great ending to a hot afternoon.

Do you remember Wendy’s tag line “Where’s the beef?” After having ice cream from Klavon’s I wanted to say “Where’s the ice cream?” And I’m not saying that in a bad way. Their sundaes had plenty of ice cream, but they also had tons of toppings. Many ice cream stores skimp on their toppings, but you won’t see that here. We also ordered medium sundaes. I can’t imagine what large sundaes would look like. Here’s what each of us chose:

Brent went for the Banana Split…such a traditional choice.

Banana Split

I got The Monster sundae and had them add bananas. This sundae had cookies ‘n cream ice cream, oreo cookies, hot fudge, bananas, whipped cream, and a cherry. It was heavenly!

The Monster with bananas

Allison chose the Raspberry Truffle sundae. This sundae consisted of raspberry yogurt, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and a cherry. And she ate every last drop.

Raspberry Truffle

Abi ordered the Mint Chocolate Oreo sundae. It’s not surprising since she loves everything mint flavored. This sundae had bittersweet mint ice cream, Oreo cookies, hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry. This one really shows you how much of the toppings they pile on top.

Mint Chocolate Oreo

And Peyton loves coffee-flavored ice cream so he went for the Mocha Madness sundae. This sundae had coffee ice cream, M&Ms, hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry.

Mocha Madness

Whew…I’m getting a sugar high just from looking at those sundaes again. But seriously, I 100% recommend this place if you’re craving ice cream while in Pittsburgh.

Everyone says to ride the Pittsburgh inclines for the most gorgeous views of the city. So I wanted to try to do that at sunset. We still had a bit of time to just mess around before then, so Abi decided she wanted to take photos of some downtown buildings. She’s determined to be a photographer when she grows up, so we’re letting her explore what she loves to do and giving her some encouragement along the way. She won’t let me share any of her pictures yet, because she says she was rushed and didn’t have the right settings. You’ll probably get to see some of her work in future blog posts.

After she was finished, we decided to end our day in Pittsburgh with a ride on the Duquesne Incline. Parking ($5 for 2 hours) is located in a dirt lot at the bottom of the incline. You then climb stairs to a pedestrian bridge that goes over the street to get to the ticket booth. Tickets to ride the incline are $5 round trip per person 12 and older and $2.50 round trip per person 6-11 years old. Despite Pennsylvania relaxing their mask mandate, the ticket booth operator was letting you know masks were required to board the incline car. If you didn’t have a mask, you could buy one at the ticket booth ($1 each).

Duquesne Incline in Pittsburgh

If you know us, we don’t wear masks. And I definitely wasn’t going to pay an extra $5 for us to get masks that we wouldn’t wear. So we turned around and walked back out to the Jeep and instead decided to drive up the mountain to see the views.

I have to say, I think we had even better views than the people who rode the incline. As we passed the incline area at the top of the mountain, their porch/lookout was packed with people. Good luck getting a photo without other people in it. We drove just a little further down the road to an open area with fewer people and great views.

Views of Pittsburgh at sunset
Me and the girls
Just the girls

Pittsburgh is an interesting city, for sure. Driving was kinda crazy around there with all the bridges, tunnels, and waterways you have to navigate. It’s not somewhere I’d ever want to live, but it was a nice place to visit.

Have you ever visited Pittsburgh? What would you add to our list of things to do while visiting the city? Leave your reply at the bottom of this page and let us know. We love hearing from you!