July 25-31, 2021 – Maine

July 25-31, 2021 – Maine

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Second week in Maine and we still didn’t have much planned. Sunday consisted of going to Bangor, ME for grocery shopping and then going back to the RV to do laundry. But while Brent and I were in town we checked out some of the sights.

Is it weird to pull up to a random stranger’s house and snap a picture? What if that stranger is Stephen King?

Stephen King’s House

While we don’t find murals with city names on them everywhere we go, this one was on the side of a building on a street we were driving down. I had Brent drive around the block so that we could come up beside it so I could get a picture. I want to try to take pictures of all the ones we do see everywhere we go.

Welcome to Bangor!

During the week, one of my homeopathy study group members who lives in Maine contacted me and asked if we’d like to meet them at their cottage on Popham Beach on Saturday. We’ve only met each other in our Zoom meetings and I do love meeting all of the people in my classes in person. So we said, “of course!” Their cottage was about 2 hours away and we had planned to leave the RV around 9am so that we’d be there before lunch.

However, during the week we started hearing rumors of mask mandates and possible lockdowns again and knew that we needed to get our passports done. We have a trip to Mexico with Fulltime Families coming up in January 2022, and I felt like we needed to make an appointment at the post office Saturday to get in before masks are required again. So we took an evening to fill out all the paperwork, get photos done, and make sure we had all the necessary items to get passports.

We ended up getting the first appointment available on Saturday when they opened at 9am, so while we didn’t make it to the cottage before lunch, we did make it just in time for lunch. But before we ate, Nina took us to look around the property and the section of beach that was just steps away from their cottage.

That’s Nina and the beach is out the window behind us

This flagpole on their property holds the US flag, the Connecticut flag, and the Town of Phippsburg flag. Obviously, we know why the US flag is there. But Connecticut? Nina said that her family is originally from Connecticut and that because the Maine flag was ripped to shreds, they decided to put the Connecticut flag up. The Town of Phippsburg is the town their cottage is in and her dad designed that flag.

Can you tell it was windy that day?

We walked down to the beach to just take in the scenery. A lighthouse across the water. A lone mansion out on an island. And very few people out on this beach. Peyton couldn’t wait to play, but first…lunch!

Zoom in to see the mansion on that island
Zoom in to see the lighthouse

Nina did a fabulous job with lunch. My kids can be pretty picky eaters, and they finished lunch with full bellies. Once we were done, Nina showed us around the little cottage. The steps going upstairs were so steep and narrow, but there was a beautiful view from a room at the top.

Don’t fall!

Next, we grabbed some chairs and sand tools and headed back outside for an afternoon on the beach. It was a bit chilly with the wind, but we all had a good time nonetheless.

Allison digging herself into a hole
Kids playing on the beach
Abi’s sand creation with a moat
Oh no! The tide came in.

On our way out, we stopped by Fort Popham to take a look around. It was closed for the day, but we were still able to see through the gates and get a feel for what it was like inside the fort.

Fort Popham
A view of the inside
A view towards one of the corners of the fort

After a nice evening drive along Hwy 1, we headed back to the RV for the night. No idea what we’ll do next week. Our plans are always Jello.

Have you been to a nice beach in Maine? Which one is your favorite? Leave a reply at the bottom of this page and let us know. We love hearing from you!