July 18-24, 2021 – Maine

July 18-24, 2021 – Maine

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Time to leave New Hampshire and head for Maine!

Sunday we had planned to go get groceries and do laundry before we packed up to leave. I figured it was a good day to get Petyon’s sheets washed too since his sheets got missed when we washed all the sheets the week before. So I climbed up in his bunk and started pulling off his sheets only to find MOLD. Not something you want to find in an RV.

We knew earlier in the year that we had a water leak in the ceiling in Peyton’s bunk, but we had the roof looked at and some maintenance done to it and thought it was under control. It rained pretty much daily while we were in New Hampshire and the ceiling continued to leak. We were constantly putting towels up in his loft to soak up the water, but I guess the humidity caused the towels to be damp enough that the area of the mattress they were laying on started to mold.

I bundled up the sheets to take to the laundromat and had to try to get that mattress out of his bunk. That was a feat in itself. I thought making the bed up there was difficult. But I got it out and we threw it in the trash before we left.

Once we returned, we ate lunch, packed up, and headed for Maine. It was almost 4pm by this time, and lightly raining the entire way. So it made for a long day. We didn’t arrive at our new spot in Maine until after 9pm. So thankful for friends that have property we can stay at and that come out into the road with their flashlights to wave us down when it’s pitch black outside. Shout out to Always Changing Life!

Our moochdocking spot in Maine

We didn’t do much during the week, but I decided we were going to go waterfall hunting over the weekend. Our friends sent us links to 6 different waterfalls that were each located around a loop drive in Maine. So I put them in an order and saved screenshots of how to get to each of them (knowing we probably wouldn’t have great, if any, cell service).

Saturday was a nice day (70s) and no rain was in the forecast. So Brent decided it would be a great day to go topless in the Jeep. The kids weren’t happy about it, but they got over it.

The first time with the entire top off the Jeep

On our way to the first waterfall, we happened to see a sign that said something about a covered bridge. Just a little way down the road we saw the turn-off and a beautiful covered bridge sitting there just waiting for some photos. I was so excited because this was the first covered bridge we had seen on our travels.

Our first covered bridge experience

While the sign says that it could handle 22 tons, it was a little creaky as our tiny Jeep drove through. Not sure I’m up for taking the RV through it, though it does appear tall enough AND we’re under the weight limit. Of course, Brent said he’d be up for the challenge. (Not happening!!!)

Waterfall #1: Tobey Falls

This little waterfall is located just north of Willimantic, ME. It’s a short hike from the trailhead parking area (maybe .10 of a mile). If there hadn’t have been other people there, we may have spent more time at this one. It was a perfect area for swimming and skimming rocks.

The short hike at Tobey Falls
Such a great view at Tobey Falls
The kids love shallow rivers like this
They found a cool looking frog
That’s Tobey Falls behind me

Waterfall #2: Big Wilson Falls

This waterfall is located near Bodfish, ME. It was a pretty neat waterfall and you basically just park on the side of the road to access it. There was a cliff in one area where some teenagers were jumping off into the water. Lots of slippery rocks here which made for good sliding. But some areas were full of these little black things that stuck to your skin and clothes. Peyton kept saying they were leeches, but they weren’t. They stuck to everything though and they looked like little worms. That was our cue to move on.

I guess it’s named Big Wilson Falls because of how wide it is
Caught Allison enjoying herself
Peyton sitting in part of the falls
Trying to see if they can cross the whole thing

Waterfall #3: Little Wilson Falls

Across the street from Big Wilson Falls is the 4 wheel drive trail to get to Little Wilson Falls. There’s a parking lot before the trail where you can park if the road is not accessible for you. However, it will add a ton of walking onto your already strenuous hike to the falls. As long as the trail is dry, you shouldn’t have a problem in any type of car. We saw minivans and small cars parked back at the parking lot to the actual trailhead for the falls.

This is a 1.5 mile hike uphill, traversing roots and rocks along the trail. Many hikers would call it moderate (some on AllTrails even call it easy), but it was strenuous for us. Luckily it was shaded almost the entire way. However, Peyton and I were the only two from our family to make it all the way to the falls.

Such a nice day for a hike
I can’t believe how perfect the lighting is in the forest
This hike is on the Appalachian Trail
Little Wilson Falls
I have to get pictures with all the waterfalls

Pro tip: Know about the hikes before you go. While I realized this was a 2.5 mile hike and people were calling it easy, I figured it would be relatively flat. Nope. I should’ve looked more at the details. 1.25 miles each way (which I think is a lie, and so do our friends who hike regularly), should be no problem for us. Instead we were huffing and puffing our way up the trail.

This trail took us way longer than expected. We started it around 1:30pm and finished around 4:30pm. And because all we brought were snacks and we didn’t have breakfast (totally our fault), everyone was super hungry. So we made our way to Greenville, ME for some dinner and decided we’ll hunt the other three waterfalls another day.

We were planning to eat at a restaurant on the lake, but the 30-minute wait was taking way longer than 30 minutes. So we found a food truck and ordered some food from there. Then our friends took us into Dover-Foxcroft, ME for some ice cream at Butterfield’s Homemade Ice Cream (which just happens to be for sale at the time of writing this post if you’re looking to move to Maine and want to own a business).

Butterfield’s Homemade Ice Cream
Allison got Red Raspberry Chip
Peyton got Coffee ice cream
Abi got Moose Tracks

All of the ice cream was great…nice and creamy. And they pile it high. I didn’t finish all of mine and had to share with Brent just so I could eat the cone. And I love me some ice cream, so you know it was piled high if I didn’t finish it.

By the time we were done, the sun was starting to set. And with the sun setting comes the cold. We had a 20-minute drive back to the RV with no top on the Jeep after just having ice cream. That was interesting. But we made it back and everyone said they enjoyed their day.

Driving home in the cold with the top off

I wonder what we’ll do next week?

Have you ever hunted waterfalls? Leave a reply at the bottom of this page and let us know where your favorite waterfalls are. We love hearing from you!