January 30 – February 5, 2022 – Mexico

January 30 – February 5, 2022 – Mexico

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Sunday was move day. We had so much fun meeting new people at the Fulltime Families Mexico ROAM rally and wished everyone had decided to venture farther south with us.

After we got all packed up and ready to leave, we headed down to the palapa for the churro send off.

Standing in line for churros
Churros are better on the beach!

There were about 7 other families besides us heading south, but they were all going to Puertecitos to spend a few days at the hot springs before heading further south. We weren’t able to stop there (again) because there was absolutely ZERO cell service and we had to get back to work this week. So we kept going all the way to Guerrero Negro before stopping.

Hwy 5 from San Felipe down to Guerrero Negro had been closed due to construction when some of our friends came to Mexico a couple years ago. But it’s finally complete and SOOOOO nice most of the way. Mexico is known for skinny roads with no shoulder and steep drop offs, but this new stretch of the highway was like driving on roads in the U.S.

However, once we turned onto Hwy 1, it was back to typical Mexico roads. We white knuckled it all the way to Guerrero Negro. I was driving the Jeep and leading the way, but I couldn’t help but look in the rearview mirror and squeal every time Brent had to pass an oncoming semi-truck. I just knew either our home or the trailer of the semi would fall off the edge and roll over. But nope, everything turned out just fine and we made it to our new boondocking spot.

Our spot in Guerrero Negro

To get to this spot, you have to turn at the airport just before coming into town. Follow the dirt road all the way to the end of the airport runway and turn right through the opening in the fence. Continue straight along the dirt road until you see the water of Laguna Guerrero Negro. There’s really only this one spot that is right on the water, but there are tons of other spots in this area farther away from the water. We highly recommend you scout the area before pulling in so you can decide exactly where you want to set up and how you’re going to get to the spot.

We were used to vendors coming up to us at the RV park in San Felipe, but since we were boondocking, we figured we wouldn’t have vendors coming around. However, once we got set in our spot, some of the locals made their way up out of the laguna and asked Brent if we wanted any octopus. Come to find out, this was a spot where they would come out most days during the week when the tide was low and grab octopus to take to sell in town. We don’t like seafood, so it was a no for us.

Sunset at our campsite

The kids were so excited about all the shells around this area. Some were the even the size of their hands.

Allison found this one
View of our spot and all the shells nearby
Abi wanted to put her photography skills to the test

There were also sand dunes not far from where we were set up. So, of course, we spent a few different days getting dirty over at the sand dunes.

Peyton conquered this small dune
Brent thought the Jeep could conquer it too
Peyton loves getting dirty, obviously
He challenged the girls to a race
Family picture time
Another family picture
Sometimes I can get good pictures of Allison

On Friday, we stopped in at Restaurant Las Cazuelas to schedule a whale watching tour for Saturday. Gray whales migrate to Laguna Ojo de Liebre near Guerrero Negro in December and stay until around April to mate and calve. These tours take you out on a small boat to get up close and personal with the whales. And let me tell you, it’s been the highlight of our trip thus far. We’re even considering doing it again on the way back up (since we have to go through the area again to leave Baja).

Go inside to book your tour

Our tour was scheduled to leave at 8am Saturday morning. So we got the kids up early and headed to the restaurant for breakfast prior to departure. It was about a 45 minute drive on rough dirt roads to get to the laguna. Our group consisted of the 5 of us, a couple from the U.S., and two guys who live in Mexico (but speak English). On the drive, you’ll pass the salt mine which we found out is the largest in the world.

That’s a huge pile of salt

Once we arrived, we got fitted for life jackets before piling into the back of a truck that took us to our boat. When we all got situated in the boat, off we went in search of whales.

Our chauffeur to the boat

In the distance, we could see whale’s spouting and jumping. We saw a seal swimming through the water. And we saw tons of jellyfish. Peyton kept saying he wanted to see the whales jump again. It was definitely spectacular. But none of us could even imagine what we were about to see.

About to be our new friend

The momma and baby whales came right up to our boat. They’d peek their heads out of the water and want us to pet them just like a dog. They were even really playful and would blow water at us out of their blowholes. However, there were also instances where they would hit the bottom of the boat. I don’t know that they did it on purpose (being playful) or if it was just because they were so big they didn’t know their body would hit us. But I can tell you it was scary when you were standing up looking over the edge of the boat and all of a sudden feel a jolt that would make you lose your balance for a second.

This guy stayed around for a while
Brent and Peyton petting the whale

At one point our boat captain scooped up a jellyfish out of the water and passed it around to those of us that wanted to hold it. It really does feel like jelly!

That’s a jellyfish!
I was so excited to get to hold it
Brent held it too

We were out there with the whales for about an hour and a half before we had to head back in. And Peyton did get his wish. As we were heading back in, one of the whales started following us and the boat captain revved the engine and the whale jumped and made a splash behind us. It was AWESOME!!!

Our chauffeur coming back to get us out of the boat

I don’t have a lot of pictures of the whales because I was taking lots of video at the time. So if you want to see more, check out my Facebook post here. You’ll be amazed!

Once we were back at the shore, our driver from the restaurant gave us sandwiches and drinks for lunch before we climbed in the van and headed back to the restaurant.

If you decided to do a whale watching tour in Guerrero Negro, we highly recommend booking your tour through the restaurant we used. It’s pretty much the last restaurant on the main street through Guerrero Negro as you head towards Hwy 1…or the first restaurant on the main street as you turn off of Hwy 1 to head into town. For the five of us, it ended up being about $48US/person. I had heard from others who have been here before that they paid around $70US/person through another company…so I feel like we got a great deal.

Best experience ever!!! Highly recommend!!!

Have you ever been so close to a whale you could touch it? Leave a reply at the bottom of this page to tell us where you experienced these great creatures. We love hearing from you!