January 16 – 29, 2022 – Arizona/Mexico

January 16 – 29, 2022 – Arizona/Mexico

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If you take a look back at our last post, you’ll see that it was from October 2021. At that point, we visited our families for the rest of the year since all of the holidays fall right around that time. Not much traveling happened during that time.

But these last two weeks have been full of excitement for us.

We met up with 25 other Fulltime Families in Yuma, AZ at the Yuma Fairgrounds. This was the beginning of our two week Mexico ROAM rally.

The first few days we just had group dinners getting to know everyone, coffee talks about our upcoming trek down to Mexico, and finished up our last minute “to-do” list before heading into a foreign country.

On Thursday, we all woke up early, packed up, and got lined up at the Fairgrounds exit so that we could begin making our way to the border crossing in Mexicali.

We were #8 in line
One of the other families took this photo from further back as we drove

At the border, we all got pulled aside to have our vehicles and RVs searched. It was a relatively painless (and quick) process. I think when 26 RVs showed up, they wanted us all to get through the line as quick as possible as not to hold up everyone else. We also had to go inside to show some paperwork and get approved to be in the country.

Once we all made it through, we had a police escort that allowed us to go straight through Mexicali without stopping at all the stoplights. What great service! It was like we were celebrities. There were even people on the street taking videos and waving as we went by.

Mexicali wasn’t our final destination. We still had to travel two more hours to get to San Felipe.

Once we arrived in San Felipe, we made our way to Victor’s RV Park and got all settled in. Our campsite was just steps away from the beach. Because the beach was in front of us (along with a few more rows of RVs and cabins) we didn’t have a view of the ocean, but out our living room window (which is at the back of our RV), we could see the sand dunes and mountains.

We’re the second RV. Picture courtesy of Dustin Schroeder.
View of the mountains and sand dunes out our living room window

Most of us left for the evening and took a walk down to the Malecon (which is the main road next to the beach) for some dinner. It was our first experience with REAL Mexican food. Well, at least four out of the five of us got Mexican food.

My steak tacos
Peyton’s hotcakes

Our first full day in Mexico consisted of hanging out at the beach and the palapa (the resort bar). There were a few activities for the kiddos and also Mom’s Night Out. Us moms just walked down to the Malecon again and ate at another fantastic restaurant. Tacos for the win two nights in a row!

The palapa down by the beach at Victor’s RV Park

On day 2, there was an outing scheduled at shell beach which was about twenty minutes away. We arrived about an hour late and many people had already left. It was actually scheduled as a three hour outing, but the wind was so strong that day that the sand was exfoliating your skin. We understood why people had left early.

But everyone that left missed some excitement. One of the families had brought their small tent for their baby and littles to spend some time in. But when the kids got out, the tent blew away.

Another family that was already in their truck about to leave, saw it blowing away and decided to go out onto the sand to go after it. There were kids chasing it, but it was just moving way too fast in that heavy wind. When the truck got a little further out onto the beach, the tires just started sinking into the sand. They were stuck.

But, Jeep to the rescue! Brent was so excited to get back to the Jeep so that he could use our winch to pull them out. It took a bit, but he did finally pull them out.

Using the winch for the first time

And the tent? We’ll, it finally got to an area of the beach where it went into the water. The kids running after it were able to pull it from the ocean and give it back to the family it belonged to.

Yay! They got their tent back.

Success on both sides of this story! And it was a great teaching moment for all the kids about teamwork.

That night at Dad’s Night Out, Brent was the talk of the group.

Day 3 was a free day. We pretty much chilled at the RV and beach all day, had some laundry done by the locals, and stocked up on groceries for the week.

There are some gorgeous sunsets here!

On day 4, we headed down to the lighthouse at the end of the beach to do some exploring. We walked around the lighthouse, took some pictures, explored out on the rocks, and then walked up 100 stairs to peek inside one of the shrines.

Pink stairs up to the shrine
Looking into the shrine

Day 5 was clamming day. I don’t think we ever found any clams, but we did find tons of sand dollars, slugs, baby crabs, and some unidentified sea creature that we think was perhaps a baby lobster. Peyton also went to the dissecting “class” and cut open a sand dollar. Fun times!

Our girls on the beach
Peyton’s dissected sand dollar

We ended the day with some live music at the palapa and waiting on our order of nachos for 2 hours. We definitely had to get used to being on “Mexico time”…also known as “no rush”.

Day 6 was our field trip to Valle de los Gigantes. This place was about 30 minutes away from our RV park. We figured walking in the desert would make us get fairly warm, so we wore shorts and didn’t take our jackets. Boy did we regret it. It ended up being in the 50s with lots of wind. It was cold (for 4 of the 5 of us). Luckily we had beach towels in the back of the Jeep, so we grabbed those and bundled up as much as we could.

Picture of our big group courtesy of Joel Haldeman

We walked some of the area and got a few really awesome pictures, but we eventually just made our way back to the Jeep because it was so windy and cold.

These things really are gigantic!
Picture of the kids with the cactus for perspective
And here’s one of us with a different cactus
Cactus skeleton

The road everyone was walking down was recommended for those vehicles with four wheel drive only. So since we have a Jeep, we decided to take the road and say goodbye to everyone.

There were lots of trails off this road, and we had no idea where we were going. We were just hoping we didn’t get lost or stuck. [insert Brent saying: “With a Jeep, you may be lost, but never stuck.”]

We obviously made it. And we had a good time.

Brent drove up this hill, but the girls decided to walk instead

On our way back to the RV, we decided to stop in at Coyote Burger to grab some burgers for dinner. Some of the families had been there earlier in the week and they were talking about how amazing they were.

The Coyote Burger

While they are famous for their Coyote Burger pictured above, you can’t go wrong with any of the burgers you order. They were FANTASTIC!!!

On our way back to the RV, we decided to drive along the sand dunes behind our RV. ATVs are out there everyday and most nights and since we have a Jeep, we thought “why not?”

View of the RV park from the sand dunes

Day 7, Brent and I decided to wake up early and catch the sunrise. It was cold, but beautiful. The rest of the day didn’t consist of doing much.

San Felipe sunrise

Day 8 was also a breezy and fairly cold day. It was the day that we were scheduled to go to the hot springs about an hour away in Puertecitos. The group outing was basically cancelled, but we decided to go anyway.

Once we got to the area where we thought we were supposed to go, it was roped off. So we thought maybe we couldn’t get to it anymore. Nope, not the case at all. You had to drive up and wait for someone to come get money from you in order to go through. It ended up being $30 per car.

Our experience here was like a Goldilocks story. The first hot spring we tried was too hot. The second one we tried was too cold. But then Peyton found one that seemed just right. Sure enough, Brent and I hopped in and hung out in that hot spring for a while. The girls got too cold from the wind and didn’t want to get in the hot spring, so they went back to the Jeep and just sat there.

This one was the one that the temp was just right

We could’ve stayed longer with the great views and the amazing sounds of the waves crashing onto the rocks, but our hot spring started getting colder. By this time, another family had shown up and they took one of the springs just above us that was originally fairly hot. So we left and made our way back to the RV park.

This was the one that was too cold, but it sure had great views!

That night was adults night out. Yes, we did leave our kids alone in the RV in Mexico. Initially I would’ve said, “no way!” But really, this RV park was very safe and there were other families that were staying in for the night who could help them if anything serious happened. Besides, our girls are 14 and look at us crazy when we ask them if they need a babysitter.

The adults met at the Rockodile. It’s basically a bar and restaurant that has a dance floor too. We had sodas and let everyone else chug the alcohol.

Danielle and TJ with all the alcohol (they didn’t drink all of that alone)

Day 9 was beach clean-up day since it was our last full day of the rally. And we ended the night with a dance party at the palapa.

We had such a great time meeting new people. These Fulltime Families rallies are always so amazing. And to travel to Mexico with friends is even better.

Stay tuned to see where we go from here.

Have you been to the Baja side of Mexico? Leave a reply at the bottom of this page and let us know what your favorite part of traveling to Baja Mexico was.