Travel Arizona: Hackle Road BLM Boondocking

Travel Arizona: Hackle Road BLM Boondocking

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I wasn’t originally on board with all of Brent’s talk of boondocking when we decided to RV full-time. But the convenience of being able to stop anywhere that we want and still be comfortable has been great. Plus, you can’t beat the cost…FREE! Keep reading for more information about boondocking at Hackle Road BLM.

After spending a week with some friends near Phoenix, we started making our way towards New Mexico and stopped for a night at Hackle Road BLM. Boondocking has given us some of the best backyards and Hackle Road BLM was no different.

Hackle Road BLM: Location

Hackle Road BLM boondocking map

This boondocking location can be found on Hackle Road in Solomon, AZ. If traveling along Hwy 70 in Arizona just west of the New Mexico border, turn on Haekel Road and go about a mile. The paved road will curve. You can continue on the paved road like we did and find a spot to pull off or you can go straight onto Hackle Road for other areas to set up camp.

Hackle Road BLM: Fees and Campsites

Hackle Road BLM Boondocking campsite

Boondocking here is FREE and you can stay for up to 14 days. There are plenty of areas for lots of RVs both big and small. Sites are fairly flat which makes it easy to get level. We happened to find a spot with a fire ring which we used that evening. It was very quiet and peaceful.

There are no electric, water, or sewer hookups available. This area is very near to Safford, AZ which most likely has places you can dump and get water if you need it.

If you need an internet signal to work during the day, we found that both AT&T and Verizon cell signals were good.

Hackle Road BLM: Things To Do

We didn’t stay long enough to find out what we could do in the area. We’ll have to stay here again and/or do some research to see if there’s anything fun or interesting to see or do in the area. However, the views are spectacular! Enjoy the outdoors and the peace and quiet.

Do you do a lot of boondocking? Where’s your favorite place to set up camp? Leave a reply in the comments at the bottom of the page. We’d love to hear from you!

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