Our Visit to Great Sand Dunes National Park

Our Visit to Great Sand Dunes National Park

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After spending a month in southwestern South Dakota, it was time to make our way to Colorado. We had hoped to find somewhere to stay in Denver, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Our next option was Alamosa, CO and a visit to the Great Sand Dunes. We hope you enjoy our pictures and videos from our September 2018 trip to the dunes!

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Great Sand Dunes National Park in pictures!
Driving in to Great Sand Dunes NP
Rain on the dunes
Picture with the NP sign

The Great Sand Dunes was FUN even though it was a really long walk to get to the dunes. I liked sledding down the tall dunes. The sand was really hot the first day we went to the dunes and I liked it much better the day we went in the evening when the sand wasn’t so hot.

The dunes from the visitor's center
Kids getting taking their Junior Ranger pledge
Taking the sled to the dunes
Lagging behind

It was really fun and I liked sledding down the dunes. The only part I didn’t like was the long walk. If you go in the evening, the sand felt cool. Don’t bring your own disk to try to sled, rent one of the sand sleds because they work much better.

The dunes and the Sangre de Cristos
Great Sand Dunes
Walking to the dunes
Cloud shadows on the dunes

I didn’t really like the sand dunes that much because it was so hot the first day it made me have a bloody nose. Sledding down the dunes was fun, but not when it was so hot.

Climbing the dunes
Climbing the dunes with the sleds
Evening setting on the dunes
Slid down the dunes
Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Have you had an opportunity to visit Great Sand Dunes National Park or did these pictures and videos inspire you to make the trip? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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Great sand dunes in pictures
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