February 6-12, 2022 – Mexico

February 6-12, 2022 – Mexico

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Sunday was yet again another drive day. This time from Guerrero Negro to Heroica Mulege.

Mulege sign

We didn’t have reservations at any of the RV parks and all the boondocking spots around Mulege were either too hard to get our huge RV to or they didn’t have cell signal. So we were crossing our fingers that the RV park we were planning on going to had room for us.

Late afternoon we pulled into Villa Maria Isabel RV Park and it was sooooooooo crowded. The 5 Fulltime Families that we knew from the rally were already there, a group of women van campers were there, and a large group of Airstreams were there. They had one space left that they usually only use for tent or van campers because it’s next to a tree and the hookups were broken. They wanted us to pull in there, but first had to cut part of the tree down so we’d fit.

While they were cutting the tree, they said we could dump at their “dump station”. Their dump station probably hasn’t been used in many years, because the cap was screwed on tight and none of us could get it open. Oh, and it was located right outside the front door of one of the Airstream campers that was there. The people ended up getting mad because once the RV park got the dump cap open, we were dumping when they were ready to have people over to grill outside for dinner. Oh well, not our fault.

We eventually got set up, then Brent and I went into town to grab everyone some dinner. We ended up at little bar and grill that had some super good hamburgers. We took them back to the RV, ate, and then went outside for a few minutes to talk to the other Fulltime Families that were there. That’s when we found out that the 5 of them were all leaving the next day.

Entrance to the main area of Mulege

So Monday after they all left, we packed up the RV and moved to a full hookup spot since we were paying to be in full hookups. The Airstream crew left on Tuesday, and the women van campers left a day or two later. Then we had the entire rest of the week to ourselves in this cute little campground.

View of our site from the front
View of our site from the road coming into the campground
View out our bedroom window at sunset
Small palapa common area
Fountain in the campground

We spent quite a few evenings just getting out of the camper and going into the little town to check it out. We even stopped to eat at a restaurant that’s part of one of the other campgrounds that we didn’t stay at and had some yummy ice cream in town on our way back to the RV. I have to say that they don’t do ice cream like in the U.S. The scoops are tiny, and they just have basic flavors. But we were able to get two scoops for everyone for like a total of $6, so I’d say it was worth it.

The girls enjoying some lemonade in these big glasses
Abi and Peyton having fun at the restaurant
Time for ice cream at Poncho’s
Two scoops fit in this tiny cup

Saturday we went out to one of the favorite local boondocking spots called Playa Santispac. The water here is unbelievably clear, and we heard that at night the water is bioluminescent. The kids watched a National Geographic show about that type of water in other parts of the world, but we were excited to see if we could see it here. Unfortunately, we were there most of the afternoon and were ready to leave before sunset. We’re going to try to go back over a long weekend on our way back north so that we can spend a few days when we don’t have to be tethered to the internet for work.

Playa Santispac
All the RVs lining the beach
Adjusting the family with a good view!

We enjoyed our time in Mulege and the RV park as well. It was a great place to spend a week.

Next up…Loreto!

Have you ever visited Heroica Mulege in Mexico or want to visit? Leave a reply at the bottom of this page. We love hearing from you!
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