August 8-14, 2021 – Maine

August 8-14, 2021 – Maine

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This week was birthday week! Our twins turned 14 this week. For those that don’t know, they were born on different days. Yes, we like to be different around here.

This year they wanted to buy ingredients to make their own cakes. Allison decided to bake hers on her birthday, and Abi decided she wanted to wait until Grandma comes to visit in a few days. We also let them choose a restaurant to eat at on each of their special days. Allison picked Texas Roadhouse and Abi picked Chipotle.

Allison’s birthday cake
Allison with her birthday cake

Abi’s birthday happened to be a fairly hot day for Maine. So we headed to the lake with our friends for the afternoon before taking everyone out for ice cream at Corinth Village Creamery. I think Maine knows how to do ice cream. It turned out to be one of our favorite ice cream places. So many choices!!!

At the lake with friends
Peyton got one of these with the sprinkles in it
This was my yummy sundae
The kids and their friends
Fun times

On Saturday, we decided to finish our waterfall hunting loop that we started when we got to Maine. This time we went the opposite direction around the loop. And again, we started our adventure at a covered bridge.

Our second covered bridge

Waterfall #4 (continued from this post): Houston Brook Falls

This waterfall is located in Moscow, ME. If you search for this waterfall on Apple maps, follow the directions until you see a small parking lot and signage for the falls. Otherwise, I’m not sure where it’ll take you. It’s a pretty short, easy, and nice hike to the falls. You start on a main road and follow the signs to go into the trees to get to it. You’ll cross a bridge or two during your hike.

This is the trailhead
Crossing the creek
There it is!
I always have to take my pic with a waterfall

Waterfall #5: Grand Falls

We really weren’t able to locate a trail for this particular waterfall. We had seen it mentioned on a blog I had read. So I opened up the satellite view on Apple maps and tried to find a trail. We have a Jeep, so nothing like a little adventure, right? We never found the waterfall, but we did enjoy some off-roading.

Thinking we found the trail to the falls
Realizing the trail isn’t used much anymore

Waterfall #6: Moxie Falls

The hike to get to Moxie Falls was great! It was nice and shady, had a wide path, and there were quite a few people around (not overly busy though). And of course, the views here were breathtaking. There was also a small area at the top of the falls where you could get about knee deep in the water. So we hung out there for a bit and let Peyton play in the water. This was probably my favorite of all the waterfalls along the loop.

Such a lovely trail
A teaser waterfall…this is not Moxie Falls
THIS is Moxie Falls
Looking down from the lookout
We tried to get a good pic
Swimming hole at the top of the falls

That was about the extent of our week. This week we’ll be heading further east in Maine for some new adventures. Stay tuned!

Do you have a favorite waterfall anywhere in the United States? Leave a reply at the bottom of the page and let us know where it’s at. We’ll add it to our list to visit!