August 22-28, 2021 – Maine

August 22-28, 2021 – Maine

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This was kind of a “split week” for us. The beginning of the week we were still in Eastport, ME, but we left to head back to the Bangor, ME area on Wednesday.

On Sunday, we decided we wanted to go check out Quoddy Head State Park which has the easternmost lighthouse in the United States. But first, we stopped in to Waco Diner in downtown Eastport for some lunch.

The view was fantastic. The service was great. The food was pretty good. And the photo spot outside the restaurant was super fun!

View at Waco Diner
Abi’s fish basket
Fun photo op on the big chair
Photo with Grandma

After we got our bellies full, we made the one hour drive to Quoddy Head State Park. It was such a beautiful day to spend some time exploring this area. We stuck around outside the lighthouse, made the trek down to the rocky area on the water, and spent lots of time taking pictures.

Such a pretty lighthouse
Family pic
Absolutely gorgeous!
Dead crab Brent found on the rocky beach

On our way back to Eastport, we stopped at Polar Treat for some ice cream. This place was busy every time we drove by, so we knew we had to check it out.

A treat at Polar Treat

The next couple of days while Brent worked, us girls worked on a puzzle in the community center at the campground. Well, it was more that TWO of us girls worked on MOST of the puzzle. We weren’t sure if we’d get it done by the time we would be leaving, but we did!

Working on a puzzle with Grandma
Finished puzzle!

Wednesday we headed back to our friend’s property where we had been staying prior to going to Eastport. Brent worked the rest of the week and the rest of us didn’t end up doing much. There was one day where it got super hot and humid (to the point it was affecting my breathing), so some of us went to Bangor Mall to cool off and waste a little time during the hottest part of the day. You do what you gotta do!

It was Saturday that our week got pretty interesting. While our family had already been to Acadia National Park, we wanted to make sure we took Brent’s mom to see it.

First stop, Cadillac Mountain. Allison and I decided that we wanted to take part of the Gorge Trail down while the rest of the family did the Cadillac Summit Loop Trail that we had done the last time we went up to Cadillac Mountain.

Following the trail markers down Gorge Trail

Pro tip: Look at the AllTrails app for ratings on trails before you attempt them.

We got just a little ways down the trail before realizing that we were going DOWN and having to scale large rocks. That meant we had to go back UP the same trail to get back to where we started. We didn’t finish the trail, we just turned around and headed back up after about half a mile or so. But we definitely got our exercise in for the day.

Grabbed a pic before we turned around

One area that we didn’t end up stopping at the first time we visited Acadia was Sand Beach. So this time we wanted to see what all the fuss was about. We have to say it wasn’t all that spectacular. But I guess people think it’s nice because all the other beaches in the area are rocky. It’s one of the busiest locations in Acadia and is a great spot for kids to splash around in the water.

Playing around at Sand Beach
A different view

We bypassed Thunder Hole because it wasn’t yet the time of day when it would be the most impressive, so instead we went on to another area that we missed the first time around…Otter Cliffs. At one point we heard people talking, but we couldn’t see them. After another couple looked over the edge of the cliff, that’s when we realized there were rock climbers below us.

The kids looking over the edge at the rock climbers
Brent and Peyton at Otter Cliffs

Next we drove around the loop looking at the sights we could see from the car until we made it back to the visitor’s center. I try to make sure that we get a family photo in front of all the national park signs, so we stopped to take a quick picture before making our way around the loop a second time.


The first week we visited Acadia, Abi had noticed a nice little spot where the trees were already starting to turn. Each time we made the loop around, we missed the spot. And we missed it the first time around the loop this time as well. But we made it a point to stop the second time around so she could try to get some photos with the Nikon camera grandma was loaning her.

She doesn’t know too much about the settings on her camera yet, so her photos didn’t turn out well. But check out these beauties I captured with my iPhone!

Such a pretty area of the park
See why we had to stop?

As we made our way around the loop again, we stopped close to Thunder Hole and ate some lunch. When we go into national parks for the day, I usually try to pack a cooler with some lunch meat, cheese, fruits, veggies, and trail mix so that we have food to much on throughout the day. We know if we don’t feed the kids, they tend to get really HANGRY!

After we were done, we walked a little bit to get to Thunder Hole. While Thunder Hole wasn’t providing us with much excitement because the waters were so calm that day, Brent’s mom ended up providing a lot of excitement for everyone. She fainted.

She thinks it might have been a blood pressure issue along with standing in one spot for a while that caused her to faint. But what should’ve been only about 30 minute stop at this area of the park ended up being about an hour or more because we had to wait on the paramedics to check her out.

Once she was cleared and we got back in the Jeep, we made it close to Otter Cliffs again and she realized she was missing her hearing aid. Since it’s a one way loop, we couldn’t turn around and go back. I had Brent drop me and the girls off at Otter Cliffs and we walked back to Thunder Hole while they drove around the loop again. Yay for more exercise!

Looking for something so small was going to be almost impossible. We looked and looked and just didn’t see it. As we were about to give up, Allison must have moved her head just right and she saw something in a tuft of grass at the edge of the concrete. Sure enough, it was grandma’s hearing aid. Good thing she was with me. Brent has always called her “Eagle Eyes” from the time she was little.

Once we found it, we went back up to the road to wait on Brent to come around to pick us up. Once we were back in the Jeep, we asked Brent’s mom if she felt good enough to go see Schoodic Peninsula. When she gave the ok, we drove the hour to go see that section of Acadia National Park. We heard it was the best part of the entire park and we wanted to check it out.

Schoodic Peninsula was definitely not as crowded as the main area of Acadia. It had some really great areas with tidepools that the kids had fun looking at. It was beautiful, but I didn’t think it lived up to all the hype. Maybe it’s because it was evening time and the winds had picked up making it a little cold outside.

Some sort of mussels we found around a tidepool
Schoodic Peninsula views

After all the excitement of that day, we headed back to the RV for some rest.

Have you visited any of these places? Leave a reply at the bottom of the page and let us know about your experience. We love hearing from you!