Are You Crazy?!?

Are You Crazy?!?

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Well, yes, yes we are! We kind of thought that this is what we’d hear a lot after telling our closest family and friends what we are going to do, but much to our surprise we have had nothing but overwhelming support for our decision to RV full-time. Other than some of the kids in my practice asking “But how are we going to get our adjustments?” we mostly get “What an awesome adventure that will be!” or “Your kids are going to enjoy that so much!” Sometimes we even have people who tell us they’re jealous…didn’t expect that at all.

To throw a little extra crazy into the pot, we really have no definite plan once we hit the road. What?!? Kristi has no plan? Will she survive? Good question. I’ve asked myself the very same thing a few hundred times already. Oh believe me, I’ve TRIED to make plans, but I’m slowly learning from other full-time RVers (and Brent) that you just need to slow down and figure out your traveling style. Again, slowing down is way beyond the norm when you currently live in a fast growing, fast moving metroplex, and it is definitely not my cup of tea.

I think our “plan” is basically to try to hit the road by summer 2018 and follow the weather. We’d like to enjoy the southern states in the winter and head up north in the summer. But if Brent has his way we will at least attempt to be where there’s snow in the winter at some point. Y’all better be prepared to come rescue me because I don’t get along with the cold.

We also plan to be back in Texas and New Mexico around the holidays. We want to see our families, visit our friends back at “home” in DFW, and will also use that time to get in our appointments with a few of the docs that we love so much. After that, Brent has to keep up his end of the bargain and take me to Florida for at least 2 months (you know…because I’m pretty much Disney obsessed).

For the kids, we’d love to try to get to as many national parks as possible. We also want to visit museums and historical sites and national monuments. What better way to learn our country’s history than by actually seeing it and experiencing it? I think I’m even excited for this part! I HATED history when I was in school, but I think because I’m a visual and kinesthetic learner I will probably find a new love for history during our adventure.

So, yes…we are just a little bit crazy! What do you guys think? We’d love to hear from you!

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