Hi!  We are the Corder Family and we’re happy to have you here!

In the summer of 2017, our little family of 5 decided we wanted to sell our home in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and hit the road full-time in our 39ft RV.  We love traveling and having the USA as our backyard. We’ve always lived Way Beyond The Norm, and this transition was just the next step in our journey. We want less stuff to occupy our time and more experiences to share with each other.  We hope you will join us for the ride!


Brent is the captain of this ship. He’s the chauffeur, resident IT professional, handyman, and bug killer – in addition to the roles of husband and father. He enjoys learning and understanding how things work from a technical and engineering perspective. He also loves being in nature, whether hiking or sitting and relaxing.

Kristi is the one writing most of the blog posts on our page. She’s a wife, a mommy, and a teacher to our 3 kiddos. She’s also a chiropractor and health consultant to many. She owned her own chiropractic business for almost 20 years and grew it into the family practice of her dreams. She’s homeschooled the kids since they were in kindergarten and loves all things relating to holistic healthcare for families. Though she gave up her chiropractic practice to travel around the country with our family, she fully intends to rebuild her practice wherever we may call home in the future. For now, she gets to continue helping clients live healthier lives through virtual health consulting.

Allison is twin #1. Some people call her Ali, but she prefers Allison. She plays the violin and enjoys art, fashion, and interior design. She also likes to cook, loves puppies, and enjoys video editing. You can find her videos on YouTube. While we are traveling, she hopes we get to go back to Disney World. Her favorite places that we’ve visited so far are Disney World and Hot Springs National Park. *Mom note: This girl is amazingly creative and has a beautiful smile despite not wanting to show it. She’s very independent and is most like me. I expect great things from her in the future.

Abigail is twin #2. Everyone calls her Abi. She loves sports (her favorite is football) and her favorite sports team is the Dallas Cowboys. Her favorite football player is Alfred Morris (or Mr. Alfred as I like to call him) who played for both the Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers. She loves quilling and you can find her artwork on Facebook and Instagram. And, like her sister, she enjoys video editing which you can find on YouTube. While we are traveling, she would really like to visit Alaska. Her favorite places that we’ve visited so far are Mount Rushmore, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, and Lake Isabella, CA. *Mom note: This girl is hilarious and loves to dance all the time. She’s also our sensitive one…you’ll find her crying if the Cowboys lose.

Peyton is the lone boy. He really likes to play with friends and loves doing magic tricks. His favorite restaurants are Whataburger and Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. He enjoys watching YouTubers like FGTeeV and Dude Perfect and tries to make his own videos on YouTube too. While we are traveling, he would really like to visit Alaska. His favorite place we’ve already visited is Florida. *Mom note: This boy is carefree and random. He keeps us laughing yet makes us wonder what goes on in his mind. Oh, he also needs an on/off switch…well, maybe just an off switch.

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