2018 Year in Review: Top 5 Posts

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After blogging for a year, everything seems to run together. So, I thought I’d do a “Year in Review” and take a minute to look back on 2018. Check out my top 5 posts from this past year. #5. Fun…

T.O. Fuller State Park

Travel Tennessee: T.O. Fuller State Park

600 500 Kristi Corder

Think you can’t find a good campground in Memphis, TN? Think again. The T.O. Fuller State Park is a quiet and peaceful location to set up camp that’s not far from all of the tourist hot spots in Memphis. If…

Our Family Trip to Disneyland & Why We’ll Be Back

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If you’ve been following along for any amount of time, you know we are Disney addicts. We’ve been to Walt Disney World numerous times, have tons of Disney movies, know how to save money on paying for our Disney trips,…

August 29 – September 4, 2021 – Maine/Vermont

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There wasn’t much on our schedule this week. Brent’s mom returned home on Tuesday, and we just planned to get the camper cleaned up because we wanted to leave and start heading west on Friday. We have three weeks to…

Fort Wilderness

Travel Disney: Our Love Affair With Fort Wilderness Campground

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Do you own an RV or dream of owning an RV? Have you visited Walt Disney World or dream to go one day? Combine the two and you’re a perfect candidate for a trip to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and…

The Crunchy RV Medicine Cabinet

600 500 Kristi Corder

You might be thinking, “well this is a new one! What the heck is a crunchy RV medicine cabinet?” “Crunchy” is a label that may be given to people or things that are more alternative, earth-friendly, or natural. For example,…

Joshua Tree National Park with Kids

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Have you been reading travel blog after travel blog gathering information for a trip you are planning to Joshua Tree National Park with kids? Then you’re probably overwhelmed with all the one-day itineraries out there. And you’re probably thinking one…

Holy Smoke Resort Featured Image

Travel South Dakota: Holy Smoke Resort

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For the last month, we’ve been enjoying the southwestern portion of South Dakota. We boondocked for two weeks near Badlands National Park and are now at Holy Smoke Resort in the Keystone area. If you are looking for a convenient, small RV…

September 12-18, 2021 – Michigan/Missouri

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Last week was a down week. We had done tons of driving and exploring the week before, so it was much needed. Sunday we decided to head to Grand Rapids, Michigan to surprise a friend. Every year he walks from…

Movin' Right Along

Movin’ Right Along

600 500 Kristi Corder

Everything seems to be coming along now. We’ve listed the old RV on craigslist, we’ve ordered the new RV, we’ve finished the consignment sale, we’ve made it thru the first garage sale, and we are past the initial stage of…

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