June 20-26, 2021 Pennsylvania

600 500 Kristi Corder

What an amazing time living the farm life in Washington, PA…but in our RV! I don’t think any of us really want to leave. We love it here! How can you not love having access to farm-fresh eggs, raw cow…

Movin' Right Along

Movin’ Right Along

600 500 Kristi Corder

Everything seems to be coming along now. We’ve listed the old RV on craigslist, we’ve ordered the new RV, we’ve finished the consignment sale, we’ve made it thru the first garage sale, and we are past the initial stage of…

August 8-14, 2021 Maine

600 500 Kristi Corder

This week was birthday week! Our twins turned 14 this week. For those that don’t know, they were born on different days. Yes, we like to be different around here. This year they wanted to buy ingredients to make their…

July 11-17, 2021 New Hampshire/Massachusetts

600 500 Kristi Corder

After staying the night in Vermont, it was time to head to New Hampshire. The drive through both states was beautiful! Small states. Beautiful scenery. We have some traveling friends who have a home base in Amherst, NH. They had…

A Fun RV Story We’ll Remember Forever

600 500 Kristi Corder

While most of my other blog posts are more formal, this time I wanted to throw in an all-around fun story about RV life. It’s full of family, fun, friends, and fire. Yes, I said fire. Read on to find…

September 5-11, 2021 Ohio/Michigan/Illinois

600 500 Kristi Corder

More driving! Yes, our Sunday consisted of more driving. This time we were bound for Cracker Barrel in Fairlawn, OH. Why Fairlawn? Well, we love to overnight at Cracker Barrel…can’t resist their yummy breakfast. And it was fairly close to…

Travel Georgia: Shady Grove Campground

600 500 Kristi Corder

Are you heading to the Atlanta, GA area and want to find a place to stay that’s away from all the hustle and bustle? Pack up the RV and head to Shady Grove Campground. We thoroughly enjoyed our time there…

Our One Year Blogiversary with Helpful Tips & Resources for New Bloggers

600 500 Kristi Corder

Yay! We’re one year old. Well, we’re 1-ish. We just wanted to share our ups and downs and a few helpful tips and resources with any new or aspiring bloggers that might be reading our post. We started this blog…

18 Family-Friendly Activities Near Rapid City, SD

600 500 Kristi Corder

After a recent visit to the Rapid City, SD area, I feel like I’ve been completely left out of the loop of how awesome this area of our country is. We visited the area for a month and I feel…

Travel Arizona: Boondocking in Quartzsite

600 500 Kristi Corder

Quartzsite, Arizona is a winter hot spot for RVers. It gets especially busy in January during the big RV show they host every year. For us, we decided to go boondocking in Quartzsite not because of the show, but because…

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